Just Add Salt by Jinx Schwartz, Narrated: by Beth Richmond

Just Add Salt
Hetta Coffey Series, Book 2
Jinx Schwartz
Narrator: Beth Richmond
9 hours, 30 minutes
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Just Add Salt

Jinx Schwartz Author of Just Add Salt
Author: Jinx Schwartz

Narrator: Beth Richmond

Once again Beth Richmond has done an excellent narration for Just Add Salt. Ms.Richmond makes use of every nuance, and every emotion to further enhance the story. You can not help but laugh out loud when you hear her give such a skillful narration to the voices of Hetta and Jan while they banter, chide and argue with each other. The male voices are all distinctive and well done. You always know who is speaking. She never falters in maintaining the same voice for each person through out the book. It is such a pleasure listening to Ms.Richmond.

Hetta Coffey proud owner of The Seacock (renamed, The Raymond Johnson) is living on it full time, and working from her home office as an engineering consultant. She and her best friend Jan are looking forward to taking a trip on the Raymond Johnson, to Mexco with their latest love interests, Jenks Jenkins and his brother Lars. When a mutual friend hires Jenks and Lars to do a job in Kuwait, this kills all their plans for the Mexco vacation. Hetta is generously offered an iffy consulting job from Tanuki, in San Carlos, Mexico. She is not pleased at having her vacation delayed but the job offer in San Carlos pays well, so Hetta has to take it. Since her bank balance is thin and she with her usual twisted logic thinks by the time she finishes the job, they can meet up with the guys in Mexico and still have their vacation.

After checking her insurance policy she's happy to see she's well covered but when she goes into international waters she's required to have a three man crew. Hetta secretly knows she and Jan are not capable of sailing alone so far into the Pacific Ocean and as Jan repeatedly reminds her, that being able to jump " from waterfront dive to waterfront dive..."  is not the same as sailing over a thousand miles in the Pacific ocean. So the hunt is on to find a professional captain. Hetta, quickly discovers the going rates for a professional captain are staggering. After calling a few captains and they find out what time of year she is planning on sailing they turn her down, or just hang up on her. No one wants to be in Baja during hurricane season.

Lucky for her while bemoaning her fate at the Jack London Yacht Club, someone tells her there are men for hire called delivery captains and sports fisher captains that ferry sport fishing boats up and down the coast. Thrilled to have a pool of anxious to work delivery captains she's relieved that she will be able to sail after all and at a price she can afford. One day she gets a call from captain Fabio, a suspicious but capable captain and in her typical laissez faire attitude she decides the price is right and he is handsome. She hires him and they set sail. The trip proves to be full of unexpected adventures, from a love sick whale that thinks their yacht is a cute female whale to being in the center of a hurricane.

Hetta's job for Tanuki proves to be more dangerous and more involved than even she could could have imagined. Once again nothing goes as it should and they end up making a speedy departure from San Carlos and running for their lives, being chased down by an unscrupulous port captain. Hiding from him is fraught with dangers leading to an exciting and action packed conclusion. 

Jinx Schwartz has written some of the funniest and adventure packed books with the Hetta Coffey series and I promise you will not be disappointed with any of them. I am thrilled that she has come out with Just Deserts the 4th in the Hetta Coffey series. It is also available in kindle. I am hoping with fingers crossed that Beth Richmond will be the narrator again.

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