Step on a Crack by Mary Anderson, Narrator: Xe Sands

Step on a Crack
Mary Anderson
Narrator: Xe Sands
Publisher: Atheneum Books
4 hours 36 mins.
Young Adults


Narrator Xe Sands reading Step on a Crack by Mary Anderson
Narrator Xe Sands

XE Sands, has a marvelous reading voice, I had to smile when she did the Queen of Hearts, it was awesome. All of her Alice in Wonderland character voices were outstanding. Ms. Sands has such an amazing range of voices that it's very impressive. Xe Sands sounds very different narrating Thrill of the Chase by Christina Crooks. Now that is talent, Which is also an excellent narration. I love listening to her mellow and rather sensuous voice.To me there is a great difference between a sexy voice and a sensuous voice. Ms. Sands does the young girl Josie so convincingly you'd never think it wasn't a young girl speaking. If you haven't listened yet to any of the books that Xe Sands has narrated, then you're in for a treat.

Sarah, our young heroine has recurrent dreams that she's kept secret for most her life. Stealing something eases her anxiety and makes the dreams stop for a while at least. The dreams so terrify her and have gone on for most her life that she keeps them secret from everyone, including her mother. She knows stealing will eventually get her in trouble. Unknown to her, a school friend Josie, sees her stealing a scarf from a department store display. Josie is a brilliant girl with a photographic memory, but she's still too young to harness the powers of this talent. She runs across a psychology book in the school library with notations on the sides of significant paragraphs and recognizes that it has to be Sarah's notations. She approaches Sarah about seeing her steal the scarf, shows her the book notations, and offers to help her solve her problem if she will just tell her in more detail about it.

Sarah at first rejects Josie's offer and denies making the notes or stealing but later relents and tells her about the horrible dreams and how stealing something makes them stop, for awhile at least. Josie turns out to be a good partner, and leads them on a harrowing path of discovery. All is not as it seems on the surface with Sarah and her mother and her Aunt Cat. The girls uncover the truth and maybe wish they had not. This is a very provocative book if your an older reader as it will give you pause for thought about your own teenage years and relationships with your mother and close female relatives. If your a young adult the book is an exciting adventure that will give hope that no matter what, there are solutions to most problems. This was a good listen/read if you're an adult or a teen. You will really enjoy listening as Xe Sands does all the various voices so well that you immediately identify each person. Her narration is smooth and age appropriate. A real pleasure to listen to.


cookingvarieties said...

hi Jennie, this sounds like a very interesting story... your one sentence made me suspect that sarah's mother and aunt are also havine the same problems as her? am i right ?

you reviewed so well on this book and the narrator, that it tempts me to go look for it. ha ha

looking forward for a comment from you on my guest post..have a nice weekend

DMS said...

I have never listened to a book read by Xe Sands- but it sounds like she is an amazing reader! I will have to read something that she narrates! Also, this book sounds fascinating. Thanks for posting this review!


DMS said...

Thanks so much for your comment about a virus warning for our blog. We had the blog scanned and everything is fine. I guess there was a quiz on it that was deleted earlier that hasn't stopped being indexed in Google. But- the site is safe. We appreciate you letting us know so that we could take care of it.

~Jess and Stephanie

Unknown said...

Thank you for the comments. Xe Sands, has soared to the top of my list of favorite narrators. If you look on audible.com you can type in the narrators name and get a list of all the books they've done. The excerpts are generous enough to get a real feel for the book and the narrator.