Narrator: Beth Richmond, Just Add Water by Jinx Schwartz

Just Add Water
A Hetta Coffey Series, book 1
Jinx Schwartz
Narrator: Beth Richmond

10 hours 23 mins.
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Just Add Water by Jinx Schwartz bookcover
Just Add Water  #1  Hetta Coffey 
Beth Richmond does a stellar job narrating this fun and somewhat playful mystery. She sounds age appropriate meaning that she can sound between 19 to 40. An excellent place to be as a narrator, giving her a wide range of audio books to narrate. She stresses words and phrases to manifest the meaning of the characters personalities. She understands and depicts the humorous phrases.

Beth Richmond Audio Book Narrator

Beth Richmond fully possesses this book and maintains the characters conversations to their fullest, drawing out every drop of humor and intent. Her flow is smooth and continuous. I enjoyed this already witty and excellent book all the more for having a great narrator like Beth Richmond. She truly catches the meaning of what she's reading and fills out with her voice all the personality and quirks of the characters. With her outstanding narration abilities you can sit back and enjoy the story.

Just Add Water is the first in the Hetta Coffey series. I love it when I find a wonderful new author and a fantastic narrator together. It's hard to do justice to this series as words defy bringing out the best of Just Add Water. The writing is tight, original, and very fresh. Beth Richmond truly heightens the story. I've listened to the first 3 in the series and enjoyed them all.

Audio Book Review: Just Add Water

Jinx Schwartz author photo
Author Jinx Schwartz
The prologue introduces Hetta Coffeys exiting boyfriend, Hudson Willa's, who has jilted her. He's a skunk and his life motto is " all's fair in love and crime..."  His conscience doesn't bother him at all when he walks out of her life, or of stealing money from her ATM card. His problem comes when he realizes that Hetta wears a small key around her neck that he gave her during the first days of their courtship. He knows at some point he's going to have to get it back.

Hetta five years later has moved on with her life. She and her best friend Jan have "'baited up..." and are enjoying brunch at a marina restaurant, when a power boat, at a recklessly high speed docks. They watch three men disembark, but are downcast as they are with three woman young enough to be their daughters.
They are all wearing red wind breakers with the name of the boat the "Sea cock" on the back. The men are Lars Jenkins and his brother Bob and Garrison the owner of the Sea Cock. Lars Jenkins seems taken with Jan.

Hetta eyes his brother Bob but he doesn't respond to any of her banter and flirting. Hetta slip's Jan's business card and home phone number to Lars under the table, since he does seem to be taken with Jan. This is the beginning of a long time relationship between them. Later after Lars, Bob, Garrison and their "campfire girls..."left, Hetta has more champagne, and starts thinking if she bought a boat they'd meet lots of men.

In the following days when she starts looking at ads for boats, and signing up for boating classes Jan is surprised as she thought it had been the champagne talking. Hetta ropes her into going to boating class and after getting more involved Jan begins to enjoy the prospects of it all. You have to love the antics and shenanigans these two gals get themselves into and the zany ways they extract themselves.

Jinx Schwartz has an amazing sense of humor that will have you laughing out loud and wishing you had a couple of girlfriends as brazen and cheeky as Hetta and Jan. I was a little put out with the sad events of Hetta's dog R. J. and wish there had been a happier ending for him. Other than that, this was an excellent book, full of laughs and clever banter. A couple lines I favored were "Real women don't have hot flashes they have power surges." or "trolloping for triceps..." gives an idea of the quirky humor.


cookingvarieties said...

hi jennie, great review from an audio book guru like yourself.
Your review makes me interested to also want to know more about this book, which took about 10 hours to narrate.
Of course i will have to buy the book itself and read it :) have a wonderful day

Beth Richmond, narrator and waitress said...

I so appreciate your kind words. I had a great time with the "Hetta Series." Of course I am always striving to get better at my craft. It's great to hear some positive feedback!

If you like, you can check out this trailer for my newest project. It should be available for download in a few weeks. :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0RVFqoMClw