Maiden Voyage of the Rio Grande By Michael Coorlim Narrated: By Wayne Farrell

Maiden Voyage of the Rio Grande: Galvanic Century
By Michael Coorlim
Narrated:  By Wayne Farrell
Series: Galvanic Century, Book 2
Length: 55 mins

Author, Michael Coorlim

Wayne Farrell reading Maiden Voyage of the Rio Grande
Wayne Farrell Narrator

Another dazzling narration by Wayne Farrell. Always a guaranteed clear and clean listen. Farrell, is an astonishing multi - talented narrator that deserves much credit for his wonderful narrations. No one can best him for doing the spooky, creepy, or scary voices. He also does fantastic character voices. Maiden Voyage is one of his best and I highly recommend that you give it a listen. Sit back and be carried away to steampunk flights of fancy.

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Maiden Voyage of the Rio Grande, is a short story, but tightly written. James Wainwright inventor and his sidekick Alton Bartleby are desperately trying to find out who killed the second engineer. Wainwright has a vested interest to get to the bottom of the crime since he is the one being accused of committing it. James Wainwright is just a bit of a klutz around people but he has his faithful companion Alton Bartleby, who is smart and loyal, will always be there to assist him in every way that he can. 

The adventure is non-stop, and red herrings are scattered here and there. This is a who done it story, but in the adventurous land of steampunk. Imagine, an airship, with a murderer aboard, that must be uncovered before the airship crashes and takes out half of London. Someone has sabotaged the engine room. Can it be fixed? Who would want to do such a terrible thing? How will James Wainwright extricate himself from such a heinous crime? Since this is a short story just under an hour, I don't want to give away too much of the story, so just know that it is an excellent story that moves along fast and Wayne Farrell keeps it moving smoothly with his excellent reading and storytelling abilities.

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