Cleo Coyle, A Brew to A Kill, A Coffeehouse Mystery, book 11 Narrator: Rebecca Gibel

A Brew to A Kill

A Coffee house Mystery, book 11
Cleo Coyle
Narrator: Rebecca Gibel
10 hours 28 minutes
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Rebecca Gibel Narrator for Cleo Coyle Coffeehouse Mystery
Narrator, Rebecca Gibel

Cleo Coyle, has crafted a winning series in the Coffeehouse Mysteries, the stories are not wimpy, and have a lot of meat to them. Rebecca Gibel, is narrator, for this series, and is outstanding; I love how she gets just the right tone on the faux French accent, for the funny and clever, 'Ooh La La, and Vanillala'... jingle, that blares out from the Cupcake Cart, a food truck belonging to a rival street vendor. It is very satisfying when a narrator reads so consistently that you are completely drawn into the story, losing track of time and your own surroundings. Gibel, accomplishes this with seeming ease. She is a wonderful story teller.

Cleo Coyle Narrator: Rebecca Gibel
Cleo Coyle Author

Clare Cosi, manager of The Village Blend Coffee House, has made a serious financial investment in a Food Truck. She has to convince her ex-husband Matt Allegro, that it is not only a good investment but also one necessary to compete with 'The Cupcake Cart' that daily pulls up in front of the Village Blend, while she has to helplessly watch, many of her customers rush out to buy Kaylie's cupcakes. 

Madam, the owner and Clare's ex-mother-in-law, agrees, it is a good business move. Matt has his own reasons for rejecting the idea as too big of an expense, until he gets a first hand experience with the Cupcake Cart. Threats and words are bandied about between the Village Blend and the Cupcake Cart, leading Kaylie to become a suspect in a murder.

When Lilly Beth Tanga, Clare's new business associate, leaves the Blend, she is struck down by a hit and run driver, leaving her near death on the street. Clare's determined to find that driver and and make them pay.

What made this book especially interesting, were the tidbits about other cultures and the accounts of Chinatown as seen through Clare's eyes, when she goes there to gather information, and the gossipy bits about New York City, and some of the neighborhoods. A Brew to A Kill, has some true moments of humor that are clever and original, lots of interesting facts about coffee, and some cultural education, woven into an intriguing and fast moving story. I'm a big fan of this series and if you like mystery, romance, and murder wrapped up in a cozy read, then you will enjoy the Coffee House Mysteries and the unexpected journey they take you on.

A Brew to A Kill, Cleo Coyle Narrator Rebecca Gibel
A Brew to A Kill by Cleo Coyle

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