A Murder in Mount Moriah by Mindy Quigley, Narrator, Holly Adams

A Murder in Mount Moriah
A Reverend Lindsay Harding Mystery
Mindy Quigley 

Narrator: Holly Adams

Length: 9 hrs and 36 mins
Published by, Mindy Quigley

Image of Holly Adams narrator for A Murder in Mount Moriah
Narrator Holly Adams

Review of Holly Adams, narrator

Holly Adams does an amazing array of accents and is very enthusiastic in her reading of A Murder in Mount Moriah. It's nearly like listening to a full cast performance but is Holly Adams with her many voices and skillful performance. I like the way she read the text, managing to make it a lively part of the story and not the background. There are a few times that the volume goes up that may be hard on earbud users. Overall the performance was simply wonderful.

Book Review of A Murder in Mount Moriah by Mindy Quigley

Mindy Quigley author. Image
Author, Mindy Quigley

Lindsay Harding, Chaplain, at Mt. Moriah's hospital, is sometimes unorthodox in her methods of giving comfort to the sick and grieving and still manages to comfort without compromising her principles. Lindsay becomes embroiled in finding out who shot Vernon, a very popular townsman during a Civil War Reenactment. There seems to be no apparent reason why anyone would want to kill Vernon and Lindsay thinks that by finding the reason she will find the killer. A Police Officer and Lindsay discover a clue, at nearly the same time that could reveal the motive and the murderer.

Her love life gets a jolt of excitement when a new very attractive doctor, has the singles all a twitter with Lindsay netting a date with him. A date doomed to fail because someone told the handsome doctor that Lindsay was a huge baseball fan. Lindsay not wanting to blow a date with him, goes along pretending she loves baseball. Lindsay knows nothing about baseball nearly is caught out when it comes to the score keeping.

A Murder in Mount Moriah is funny with many good quips and lots of excitement with Lindsay's constantly finding herself in unlikely situations and butting heads with people in authority. The characters are well developed and add to the fun. I did not see who the murderer was, Lindsay nearly gets herself killed because she did not know who the killer was either. Although Lindsay is a Chaplain and her father is a minister, there is no religious preaching in the book. It is all light hearted and fun and I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a cozy mystery with lots of humor and a good plot.

Mindy Quigley is a great writer with a wonderful sense of humor that makes a story move from routine and ordinary into a fun, laugh out loud read, paired with Holly Adams narrating gives double the dose of fun.


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