Emissary By Chris Rogers Narrated By Jeff Hays


Author: Chris Rogers  

Narrated By Jeff Hays

Length: 13 hrs and 16 mins
Chart House Press

Jeff Hays is a magician with his portrayal of Emissary. Hay's has a pleasing deep and very masculine voice. When chapter one started I thought wow is this read by two people. I listened and thought no, I am sure Hays is the only narrator. Well, omg, this is the best female voice from a male narrator ever. The amazement does not stop there, no, he has other stellar voices up his sleeve. Aldamae was equally praiseworthy and very much a stand alone voice and accent. Jeff Hays is equal and even exceeds some of the golden voices of male narrators. I enjoyed his sound effects like simulating a intercom. Jeff Hays imbues so much life into each character that you can't help but enjoy every moment of Emissary. His pacing is excellent on both text and characters.
Jeff Hays Narrator, image
Jeff Hays Narrator

Audiobook Review: Emissary, By Chris Rogers

image of Chris Rogers, Author
Chris Rogers Author
President Addison Hale returning from a re-election campaign is unaware that a ship is poised in space with a transfer beam directed at her as she sits in the  air force one's oval office. Ruell, an alien from a dying planet has been groomed to go to earth to invade the mind of the President of the United States, to be receptive to Ruell's influences.

Ruell is pleasantly surprised that seeing earth life from President Hale's mind is more intense in colors and textures and voices are far nicer than what he experienced in the preparation chambers simulations. Emotions are also something he'd not expected. Having left forever his body and now just a beam of light and energy that needs recharging he tries to remind himself to be a sponge to begin with until he's completely comfortable and knowledgeable about human life.

After watching, absorbing and collecting data, President Hale is shot in an assassination attempt. As he feels her life force going dark, he feels despair
that he failed his mission. A few pep talks with himself he is drawn to a Texas policeman Longshadow. Longshadow has a drinking problem and dealing with his grief for losing his wife, his son and his brother, all who died in a relatively short time of each other.

Ruell enters Longshadow's mind and unlike President Hale, Longshadow becomes aware of Ruell. At first he tries to drink himself into oblivion to shut up Ruell's voice, and eventually he realizes that somehow, Ruell is not his imagination and he isn't hearing things and going crazy. Ruell reveals himself in a way the convinces Longshadow that he is real and has a mission to fulfill.

An interview with Jeff Hays from audiobookreviewer
Link to an interview with Jeff Hays

Emissary is very long, thirteen hours and Jeff Hays does a magnificent interpretation and portrayal of it. If not for such a fine performance I may not have been able to listen to all of it. There are other side stories that are books in themselves that needlessly go into long diatribes. Although each character is well fleshed out, about five hours could be deleted and turned into a separate book.

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