Panthers Play for Keeps by Clea Simon Narrated by Tavia Gilbert

Panthers Play for Keeps
Clea Simon

Tavia Gilbert Narrator

Blackstone Audio Inc.

8 hours 45 minutes

Award winning Tavia Gilbert, Narrator image
Tavia Gilbert Narrator
Tavia Gilbert is one of our finest audio book narrators. Her characterizations of the different animals in Clea Simons' books is absolutely stunning. Pru is so well done that one forgets that Pru is not real, but, Tavia, does make her seem like she is. Tavia Gilberts' voice is so charming, has a lovely pitch, and is so very expressive. Hands down no one does a cat's meow as well as Ms.Gilbert. Cat ears perk up in my house when Ms.Gilbert meows.

Clea Simon Author, image from narrator reviews
Author Clea Simon
Clea Simon the woman behind the Theda Krakow Mysteries, Dulcie Schwartz Mysteries, and Pru Marlowe.

Audiobook Review: Panthers Play for Keeps

Pru Marlowe is training Spot a service dog, she takes him out to a rural area to let him have some run free time along with his training. When Spot sniffs out a corpse of a once attractive woman, Pru is once again going headlong into another murder case. Her unique talent of being able to talk with animals gives her inside information that the police don't have access to. Wallis her ill tempered cat is always there to give her his advice and snarky comments. Wallis has no fondness for dogs, likes to hunt outside for flyby snacks and is Pru's sounding board when she's working out the details of a case.

The story is more complex than the previous three in the series. Pru gets into situations far more dangerous and life threatening. Relying on animal cues and
prompts that Pru does not always understand. There are breathtaking events in a fast paced adventurous story. Made me compare it to the old movies where you are holding your breath while yelling don't go down there, as the heroine makes her way down the basement steps. 

Pru is facing the green eyed monster when a beautiful woman seems to be moving in on Pru's on again off again boyfriend Detective Jim Creighton. Pru has a hard time committing to a full time permanent relationship. Creighton is not going to have an easy time pinning Pru down, after all it is difficult hearing the thoughts and feelings of any animals around while trying to carry on a normal relationship. Pru's attention and concern are always going first to the animals. Any human is taking a backseat to them.

The first book in the Theda Krakow Mysteries came out in 2005, Mew Is for Murder, 2006, Cattery Row, Cries and Whiskers by Clea Simon arrived in 2007, and Probable Claws came out in 2009.

Dulcie Schwartz Mysteries also came out in 2009 with Shades of Grey,
between 2009 and 2015 there were eight more books,
Grey Matters, Grey Zone, Grey ExpectationsTrue GreyGrey Dawn, Grey HowlStages of Grey, and Code Grey, to be released August 1,2015.

Pru Marlowe Pet Noir Series Dogs Don't Lie, arrived in 2011, Cats Can't Shoot was out in 2012, Parrots Prove Deadly by Clea Simon by Clea Simon, 2013, Panthers Play for Keeps 2014, Kittens Can Kill, was released March 3, 2015.

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