Chasing the Dollar: Miranda Vaughn Mysteries Book 1 By: Ellie Ashe. Narrator: Teri Schnaubelt

Chasing the Dollar:
Miranda Vaughn Mysteries Book 1
By: Ellie Ashe
Narrator: Teri Schnaubelt

Length: 7 hrs and 23 mins 

Chasing the Dollar  Audiobook by Ellie Ashe
Chasing the Dollar
Audiobook by Ellie Ashe

Audiobook, Narrator Review

Teri Schnaubelt, is a talented and outstanding narrator, with a clear voice she expresses every emotion with vigor and agility and brings out the tension, fear and distrust in such a delicious way. Schnaubelt, manages to furnish the flavor that double-crossing Bill, is lying through his teeth. Miranda sounds honest, intelligent and kind, under the excellent pacing, and expressive voice of Teri Schnaubelt. The bad guys are superbly well done and the sociopaths are unmistakeable. A very exceptional reading in every way.

Teri Schnaubeit Audiobook Narrator
Teri Schnaubeit Audiobook Narrator

Audiobook Review

Betrayal, deceit, fraud, and millions of dollars transferring between many countries and accounts. After a year Miranda finally is exonerated of fraud charges at Patterson, tinker Investment Company where she worked.. She's lost her fiance, her job, her property and with civil suits looming in the near future her aunt may lose her home and business. The verdict may have been not guilty on all counts but as Dillon her ex fiance tells her when he called around to help her find a new job, she is toxic. 

Unable to get a job, her own attorney hires her to work for him. It helps that he is sweet on her aunt and has been for many years. This gives Miranda the time and opportunity to carefully examine all the documents relating to her trial. A whiz with numbers she organizes and creates reports on files relating to huge sums of money that's rapidly changed from off shore accounts to Swiss Banks, so many times it's difficult if not impossible to follow the trail. But, what she does realize is someone set her up. Someone who would have access to her computer and password.

Miranda needs a plan to discover who set her up and exactly what the senior members of Patterson and Tinker had been doing. Carefully thinking things through she knows to find any answers she will have to go to Macao. Things really go into action at high velocity in Macao where FBI agent Jake is also following the same leads as Miranda, but for a different reason. Miranda doesn't trust Jake and only remembers him handcuffing and arresting her over a year before, yet, Jake definitely is one sexy and charming man.

The two of them are thrown together by necessity, and when it gets down to the wire, Miranda has to trust him when hard core thugs are trying to kill them both. If they want to stay alive they have to depend on each other. Chasing the Dollar is a high powered, fast paced and well written book. Miranda outwits the bad guys, and is in for quite a shock when she discovers who set her up.

Once you have loved the first in this series you will want more. More will be here with book 2, Dropping the Dime. I think you get more bang for your buck with the Audio book version,

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