The Silence of the Chihuahuas By Waverly Curtis Audiobook Narration by Laura Darrell

The Silence of the Chihuahuas
A Barking Detective Book 5
By Waverly Curtis
Narrated By Laura Darrell
Audio Book

7 hours 59 mins

Narrator Review: Laura Darrell
Laura Darrell, Narrator and voice over talent. Photo Image
Narrator  Laura Darrell

Laura Darrell does an exemplary rendition of Pepe. She does such a good accent for him and the tone is just right. In fact it is so good you might believe it really is Pepe speaking. I like the tone of Laura Darrell's voice, it sounds youthful and feminine but not sugary sweet. An exceptional narration of this fun and frolicking team of Sullivan and Sullivan Private Detectives. All the characterizations are fantastic. I'd prefer that Ms. Darrell not over pronounce so many words, it would be spectacular if not for that little glitch. Still, Laura Darrell is the perfect narrator for this series. She gets great emotion into each person as well as the dogs.

Audio Book Review, The Silence of the Chihuahuas Author Waverly Curtis

Pepe, the irrepressible Chihuahua that is half the team of Sullivan & Sullivan Detectives. Pepe is the egotistical Chihuahua that Geri Sullivan adopted from the Animal Shelter and he's been running her life ever since. True dogs have a much keener sense of smell, and their hearing is far superior, and according to Pepe, dogs are smarter than humans, but, Pepe has stopped talking to Geri, and Geri is worried about it. So worried that she consults a veterinarian. Of course there was no help there. Later she gets a strange phone call from her sister that caller ID shows as coming from The Forest Glen Spa and Clinic. She tells Geri, that someone is trying to kill her and then the call is cut off. Geri calls the Spa and they deny anyone by that name is there or made a call.

Waverly Curtis Author of the Pepe Series, photo image with Pepe
Waverly Curtis Author of the Pepe Series

Geri,  has to concoct a plan to get herself into that clinic so she can look for her sister. Once in can she get out again? Or, once in, can she find her sister? With no help from Pepe, Geri is on her own. He is investigating, sniffing around, and gathering information but still not talking or helping Geri. Prior to getting into the Spa, her older sister calls to make sure she is coming to the wedding of Geri's ex-husband that weekend. Geri has no desire to go but her bossy sister gets her to attend.

Geri's getting threatening phone calls, her boyfriend is not returning her calls, and Jimmy G. is calling her to do a job with a previous client. Geri's still mad at him from double dealing and shabby underhanded way he treated her on a Seattle investigation. Her best friend is missing and she needs to find him before the police do.

Geri has her hands full and with so many things going on she is just about ready for a stay at Forest Glen. With no help from Pepi can she solve any of these problems? She is definitely on her own and everything is in total chaos. Pepi does try and help her but being just a human, Geri misses all his unspoken clues. No matter how he tries to get her to read his blog on his Ipad, she misses it every time.

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