Sprinkled By: Gina LaManna Narrated By: Caitlin Kelly

Sprinkled A Lacey Luzzi Mafia Mystery, Book 1
Author: Gina LaManna
Narrator: Caitlin Kelly

7 hrs and 54 mins
Published By: Gina LaManna

Sprinkled by Gina LaManna photo
Sprinkled: By Gina LaManna

Narrator Review
Caitlin Kelly, was the perfect voice to narrate Sprinkled. Her voice is pleasing and matches the young age of Lacey Luzzi and of her best friend and partner in crime Meg. Although I really have nothing more than Hollywood movies to base the majority of foreign accents on, I thought her Italian accents were very good. Caitlin Kelly brings a great deal of energy to the story and makes every character pop. Ms Kelly is a professional artist, credited with many impressive voice over assignments. 

Caitlin Kelly, VOA and audiobook Narrator
Audiobook Narrator Caitlin Kelly

Audiobook ReviewSprinkled by Gina LaManna is the first book in a new series, A Lacey Luzzi Mafia Mystery. For a first in the series, LaManna has crafted an intriguing story, with Lacey Luzzi as the dominant character. At loose ends and with no particular direction in life she falls into becoming a stripper like her deceased mother had been. 

Lacey thought she was alone in the world with no living relatives. Her mother had raised her to believe she had no relatives. Lacey felt bad that there was only going to be a handful of friends at her mom's funeral so she starts searching for any information she can find that might give her some leads.

She finally hits paydirt and locates her grandparents only to discover Grandpa is the Mafia Don, and Grandma is the traditional Italian Grandma. They knew nothing of Lacey but take her into the Family. Grandpa, gives her a low paying job as the front desk clerk at one of his laundromats. In reality she is one of his look outs. She has become bored working at the laundromat and Grandpa offers her a more important and lucrative job to do.

Gina LaManna, Author photo
Author Gina LaManna

Eager to make more money, she enthusiastically jumps at the chance. Ah, well, "Fools rush in where angel's fear to tread" so foolish Lacey is way out of her element when she is sent to get back from the Russian Mafia something they stole from her Grandfather. It will be easy he assures her, a piece of cake. Unfortunately nothing Lacey does turns out to be easy.

Mafia Grandma is anxious to get Lacey married to a nice Italian boy. Those cozy Sunday dinners soon turn into dreaded affairs for Lacey with the array of nice Italian boys. Yet, Grandma is her buffer between her and her auster Grandfather. Lacey has other love interests. Let's hope it is not one of those dashing fellows in the Russian Mafia. You will have to listen to the book to get the full story of Lacey and her friend Meg's antics.

I recommend this book to a younger audience that might enjoy the more risque jokes and emphasis on sex and particular body parts. I can't classify this as a true Cozy Mystery as it is a Chic Lit mystery. If you enjoy chic lit and are not offended by naughty words then Sprinkled is a book you will enjoy.

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