Dogs Don't Lie by Clea Simon Narrated by Tavia Gilbert

Dogs Don't Lie: A Pru Marlowe Pet Noir Book 1,
Author: Clea Simon

Narrator: Tavia Gilbert
Blackstone Audio, Inc.

(now called Downpour.com)

8 hours 58 minutes

Tavia Gilbert Narrator for Clea Simon's Pet Noir Series Dogs Don't Lie
Narrator Tavia Gilbert

Author Clea Simon of The Pet Noir Series, Theda Krakow Mysteries, and Pru Marlowe
Author Clea Simon

Narrator Review: Tavia Gilbert

What a stunning rendition Tavia Gilbert does on this fun book, it is just so outstanding, sheer listening satisfaction. A great deal of this book is animal voices and Ms. Gilbert is superb. She's a dog, she's a ferret, she's a cat, each with it's own unique personality and quirks. I loved the way she did the poor dog accused of killing his owner. Truly it is positively a superior narration, creative, and ingenious. Tavia Gilbert definitely takes hold of the emotional content whether grief, or pleasure of Lily the Pit Bull, or the snobbery of Wallace, Pru's sidekick cat. Ms. Gilbert expresses the entire gambit of emotions for each animal. I enjoyed it even more on the second listen, and laughed out loud with her accurate depictions of cat meows.Takes a special talent to pull off so many animal sounds. Tavia Gilbert has the voice, and she knows how to use it.

picture of a line of 4 cats bicycling
Cats out for a day of fun

Audiobook Review: Dogs Don't Lie, by Clea Simon

Pru Marlowe animal psychic and animal behaviorist, although animal behaviorist is stretching the truth a bit. Pru uses it as a cover for her psychic ability to communicate with animals. Who'd believe her, in fact who wouldn't think she was crazy. Even Pru herself had some qualms about talking to animals, but with some professional help she got through that. She leaves the city, drops out of her animal behaviorist classes and returns home to help her mother who is dying from cancer. This gives her a chance to get away from the cacophony of animal chatter she hears in the city and time to adjust to this strange ability she's acquired. Trying to be in an accepting mood of her quirkiness she free lances her behaviorist talents with the animal shelter. Her schedule is full with a regular daily round of dogs she walks and of course talks with. There's no keeping a secret from Pru as long as there's a pet around to tell her the truth.

Her friend, Charles has hired Pru to help him reprogram a Pit Bull he rescued from an evil dog fighting ring, Lily is a very traumatized and a really gentle dog, she loves Charles very much and is happy he rescued her. Some nefarious person has set up Lily to take the fall for killing Charles. When Pru gets to Charles' house she finds him on the floor with his throat gnashed out. Lily covered in blood, is too traumatized and frightened to communicate with Pru, and Lily is suspect number one. With the vicious reputation for Pit Bulls and where Charles got her the police think Lily killed him and they send her to the animal shelter to be put down. Poor Lily, so happy in her new home and with such a loving master only to end up in the dog pound grieving for Charles.

Pru catches some of Lily's feelings but can't make much out of them. One thing she is sure of, Lily did not kill Charles.Things really heat up when Pru is suspected of being the murderer adding to that the authorities want to do a rabies test on Lily. That means only one thing, they have to kill Lilly to do the test. With the comforting assistance of her faithful cat Wallace, Pru bulldozes headlong into dangerous situations and faces down sneaky underhanded people to solve this crime. Lily's life is on the line and maybe Pru's is too. I can't say I would  liked this book quite as much if I had read the hardcover, as I liked it listening to Tavia Gilbert read it. Pru is what I'd call a little campy, she is slow to pick up the clues the animals give her and her thinking processes are muddled at best.

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