Haunted Melody by: J. Kent Holloway Narrator: Wayne Farrell

Haunted Melody
Author: J. Kent Holloway
Narrator: Wayne Farrell
Seven Realms Publishing
28 minutes

Haunted Melody a short story by J. Kent Holloway
Author J. Kent Holloway
Wayne Farrell reading Haunted Melody by J. Kent Holloway
Narrator Wayne Farrell

No one does spooky better than Wayne Farrell. There is no end to this man's ability to
send shivers down your spine and make you look behind yourself, you know, just to double
check that the monster isn't creeping up behind you, because by god, Farrell is going to scare the bejeezus out of you. So dim the lights, pull up the recliner and lay back and let Farrell work his magical voice on you. You won't regret it, and, you will appreciate that he succeeded in scaring you.

Book Review:
Haunted Melody by J. Kent Holloway

The piano was a gift from Paul, her adoring husband, a symbol of his enduring love, but from the moment she began playing it, Melody's nights suddenly were filled with terrifying nightmares. Dreams of an ancient city in ruins, where the streets run red with blood and winged creatures watch lustfully from high above. With the dream comes the singing, a far away tune that doesn't really fit with the terrifying sights in the dream, and it calls to her.
She knows that her night terrors are inextricably entangled with the piano and its troubling history, but exactly how or why, she doesn't know. What she does know is the horrible dreams started when the piano arrived. Soon she was afraid to play and even to look at the piano, until Dr. Cavendish recommends she play immediately after a nightmare.  Reluctantly at first she tries this, and finds that he's right, it does soothe her and carry her far away from the nightmare. But is it really?  Soon, "she must keep playing...searching for that one melody that will quiet the haunting dreams that threaten her very sanity."

This is a short story, but Holloway once again has built a solid framework and succinctly created an extremely scary story that compels you to keep listening to the horrifying ending. J. Kent Holloway always writes the most spine tingling, frightening and exciting tale like The Djinn. You will not be disappointed listening or reading any of his fabulous works. For me it works best to listen to Wayne Farrell to get the maximum impact.

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