Harvesting Faith, Author: Linda K. Hubalek Narrator: Ann M. Richardson

Harvesting FaithBook 3, Planting Dreams Series
Author: Linda K. Hubalek
Narrator: Ann M. Richardson

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Ann M. Richarson narrates Linda Hubalek narratorreviews.org
Narrator Ann M. Richardson

Ann M. Richardson has successfully transitioned from Charlotta the young mother, to Charlotta the middle-aged woman, and now in Harvesting Faith, to an old lady. Charlotta in this the final book of the Planting Dreams Series, is about seventy-five years old and in failing health but still of stable mind. 

Ms. Richardson brings out the sad as well as the happier moments of Charlotta's life. I admire the skill shown by Ms. Richardson in sustaining the voice and thoughts expressed by someone aged and who knows this is the final chapter of their life. Ann Richardson is a very empathetic and expressive reader, giving full embodiment to every nuance and emotion that the author has created.

Like a rose coming to full bloom Ms. Richardson harmoniously reads with compassion the words and thoughts of Charlotta as she meanders down memory lane. Well done Ms. Richardson, well done.

Audio Book Review: Harvesting Faith by Linda K. Hubalek

Hubalek author of Planting Dreams Series
Author Linda K. Hubalek

In Harvesting Faith the last book of the Planting Dreams Series, we've come to care about the Johnson family, from when we first meet them struggling with the wisdom of leaving Sweden and immigrating to America in Planting Dreams the first in the series and in the second book Cultivating Hope, with their struggles, labor, and losses, to the finale and end of life. Yet, their legacy lives on in the children, grandchildren, and into the future of many generations.

Although life was hard and full of toil, it was so, for most immigrants in those days. As Charlotta, turns over those thoughts, she also ponders that life was harder in Sweden and they fared better in America than they would have, had they remained in Sweden. 

Charlotta and Samuel,  in spite of any hardships, lived a good life and succeeded in fulfilling their dreams of having a successful farm, and leaving a legacy of a better life for their children, and grandchildren while also creating a sustainable life for themselves. 

When Charlotta passes away, life is very different from when they came to this country. The children are grown, and living in ways very different from what she and Samuel experienced. Even their desires and life choices are dissimilar and the ever-changing outer world has bestowed undreamed of possibilities and life styles for them to choose from.

I found it very poignant when Charlotta expresses her sadness for never having pictures taken of her children when they were growing up. As sweet as it would have been for Charlotta to hold and look at photos, it would have been a wonderful gift to future generations.

Unfortunately, we rarely consider such things while living our day-to -day lives and are unaware that even the most seemingly insignificant life has great value and future generations look to the past to see where they came from and what similarities they possess of their antecedents.

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