Jinx Schwartz's Hetta Coffey Series TOP PICK FOR 2013

Just Add Water
Just Add Salt
Just Add Trouble
Author: Jinx Schwartz
Narrator: Beth Richmond


Jinx Schwartz Author of the Hetta Coffey Series
Jinx Schwartz Author
Beth Richmond Narrator of the Hetta Coffey Series, written by Jinx Schwartz
Beth Richmond Narrator

There were literally hundreds of great audio books in 2013. New authors and new narrators, or at least new to me. It was a very satisfying year for my gluttonous appetite for audio books. I'm going to share with you which books were my favorites and which narrators absolutely grabbed me with their wonderful narrations.
I listen to hundreds of audio books, yes, that sounds excessive I know, but it is true. I listen to at least one per day and often two or if shorter I may listen to more. Although some books were published before 2013, I listened to them in 2013.

My very favorite audio book last year, gets the top pick not only for the content but for matching it up with a wonderful narrator. Jinx Schwartz's Hetta Coffey series read by Beth Richmond is my number one star pick. The series is fun, laugh out loud, clever, and full of the spunky antics of Hetta Coffey and her sidekick Jan. We get romance, murder, mayhem, danger and a bit of geography and history thrown in. A great combination. Beth Richmond is so perfect for this series, I loved her narration, she really makes the characters pop. Never a dull moment in either the book or the narrator. I am hoping that the fifth and newest in the series Just the Pits, will be out in audio very soon and of course read by the sensational Beth Richmond.

Just Add Water, was the Eppie Award winner for best mystery and Just Add Trouble was finalist for Best Mystery. Ms. Schwartz has a wonderful sense of humor that is sprinkled throughout her books but also on her own blog, and interviews, it does shine through.

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