The Rejected Suitor by Teresa McCarthy Narrated by Pearl Hewitt

The Rejected Suitor
Teresa McCarthy
Narrator: Pearl Hewitt
Audio Book
Pearl Hewitt 7 hours 44 minutes

Photo of Pearl Hewitt Narrator of The Rejected Suitor
Narrator Pearl Hewitt
Pearl Hewitt has a beautiful voice that is bound to charm the most discriminating listener. Very sophisticated and cultured with wonderful enunciation. Ms. Hewitt's male characters are stunningly good, to the point that you completely forget that it is not a male speaking at all. Not to overlook the gracious ladies and the older matrons all who are represented with adeptness. 

There were a large number of characterizations that stood out from the others for the clever way Ms. Hewitt captures their wit and personalities. Pearl Hewitt also did a superb job reading Mr. Darcy's Letter that showcased her many talents as a premier narrator.

Book Review: The Rejected Suitor by Theresa McCarthy

Author of The Rejected Suitor, A Regency Romance
Author Teresa McCarthy
The Rejected Suitor is a historical romance about Lady Emily Clearbrook who has loved Jared the Earl of Stonebridge for at least three years. Now at twenty her four brothers have decided that they will choose a husband for her.  Emily strongly objects to this and considers it downright interference and strong arming. They just want to protect her from the cads as she has a fairly healthy dowry, and a large inheritance. Aside from that she is of course beautiful. Although Emily by our standards today is old enough at eighteen let alone twenty to make her own decisions, in the Regency times she is not. 

Her brothers know nothing of her past relationship with Jared when they send her off, (for her protection) to Jared and his mother to be her guardians. Emily is not against going but she does not know that he has returned from the wars and staying with his mother.  When she runs into him, literally, she is upset and angry and all the heartache floods in on her because Jared had asked her to marry him three years before then he just marries someone else and never contacts her again. Can't say she is not justified in her anger but she has no idea that he did ask her father to marry her (they did that in the old days) and her father turned him down. 

There are many misunderstandings between all the players and so much lying going on that it is difficult for Emily to know who to believe. She finally settles on marrying Lord William Brinkstone, who, although quite a bit older than her seems like a suitable husband because he is kind, gentle and honest. Williams heart belongs to another as does Emily's, so will Emily actually marry him? Perhaps it will all end well and in happiness or maybe not. 

There were many clever and well written lines in this story that made it stand out from most other romance books such as : "amber eyes, battled with blue" or "the chilly air nipped at Emily's neck," and "trousers the color of biscuits," which add so much to the overall quality of the story. Pearl Hewitt's reading skills are so versatile and engaging that you can't help but enjoy every moment of it.'

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