High Moor Author: Graeme Reynolds Narrator: Chris Barnes

High Moor Author: Graeme Reynolds
Narrator: Chris BarnesDynamic Ram Audio ProductionsAudio Book
7 hours 15 minutes

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Narrator Chris Barnes

This is a somewhat different narration from Chris Barnes than what he did for Tonia Brown's, The Cold Beneath. If you want authentic then here it is, Barnes' Scottish accent is fantastic, and authentic, none of the bumbled contrived accents that are either annoying or just hard to listen to. I do love those rolled R's, slight like a short trill. The excitement he instills into this book is incredible. This is a breathless terror filled narration by one of our finest narrators. Young Simon's absolute terror and Billy's fear is done in such an exceptional manner that you will feel the fear, see the terror possibly taste the blood, and your heart will be pounding. A wonderful and amazing narration.

Book Review: High Moor

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Author Graeme Reynolds
High Moor is a full blown werewolf tale in the traditional sense. Page after page of werewolves gone wild with all the flying fur, bloody fangs and bone snapping thrills. I've always wondered about the transformation from human to wolf and thought surely that must be painful. This book covers that and seems it is painful, but at some point the pain gives way into pleasure with the exhilaration of power filling the person.This story would make a great RPG video game.

John Simpson returns to his home town of High Moor when he learns of attacks that sound like a werewolf to him. To the police it is just an unfathomable and unexplained vicious murder. John knows first hand what wolves can do, he had his own terrifying experiences when he was a boy in 1986. Experiences that left him a werewolf himself. But, John, with extreme self control learned how to keep the needs of the werewolf and his human self in check. Not so easy to do during the full moon.

We move back and forth between the 1986 days of horror for him and for the town of High Moor, and 2008 which is even more terrifying and deadly. The race is on to stop the werewolf's and John drops everything to go to High Moor and help. We flash back to when John was a boy and he and his brother and best friend build a tree house far into the woods where they think their nemesis Malcolm Harrison and his cohorts, won't find them. Malcolm has already destroyed their last fort, and bullies the boys without mercy. This bullying goes on until John is whisked away by his parents to protect him from the inevitable results of every full moon.

Returning to High Moor is full of surprises for John and the renewal of old friendships especially with Maria his childhood gal pal. Can John really do anything to help with the amount of werewolves that have amassed in High Moor or is he just going to be one more added to their numbers. Werewolves are pack animals and the ones in his hometown have formed into packs. Yet there is one lone wolf that can bring down hell on High Moor and he has a voracious appetite for blood. The numbers of the dead are piling up and not just humans but animals also. Will a silver bullet rid them of the wolves before the wolves decimate the towns population. Thankfully there are two sequels to the book, enough to satisfy the most blood lustful audience.
There must be plenty as this series has a 5 star rating and is very, very popular. 

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