Liv Forever Author: Amy Talkington Narrator: Jorjeana Marie

Liv Forever
Author: Amy Talkington
Narrator: Jorjeana Marie
7 hours 17 minutes
Blackstone Audio
Young Adult

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Author Amy Talkington
Debut novel by Amy Talkington Liv Forever A paranormal Romance
Liv Forever by Amy Talkington

photo of Narrator Jorjeana Marie
Narrator Jorjeana Marie

Narrator Jorjeana Marie, does a fine narration with just the right amount of solemnity, fitting the somewhat sad tale of Liv Bloom who is so artistically talented, pretty and intelligent but very inept socially. Ms. Marie conveys everything from the menacing and the ghoulish to the tender and romantic with poise and confidence. Creating a sense of tension and horror where needed and remorse, love and compassion when appropriate.I did enjoy her narration very much as her reading is clear, and well enunciated every word is emotion packed.

Book Review: Liv Forever, by Amy Talkington

Liv Bloom is accepted at Wickham Hall on scholarship for the last two years of her high school classes. Liv's excited and thrilled but also apprehensive as Wickham Hall is a high toned society school. Liv had been in four different foster homes before her parents adopted her. They were not rich people and Liv did not come from a wealthy or privileged background like the majority of Wickham students. A fact that they did lot let her forget.

It seems to be kismet when Liv and Malcolm's eye's meet across the chapel and Liv can't stop thinking about him. When he chooses her for the first dance on the night of the big First Supper she knows he has feelings for her. Gabe and Liv share a table at this supper and become fast friends. Gabe confesses that he can see and hear the ghosts of Wickham Hall and sometimes they scare him. Liv doesn't believe in ghost and wonders about Gabe's sanity. Still she likes Gabe and isn't going to let his belief in ghost interfere with their friendship.

After Liv is murdered she turns to Gabe, to help find her killer. Between the three of them they see a pattern between Liv's murder and the past suicides at Wickham Hall. Malcolm has to rely on Gabe to tell him what Liv is saying and between the three of them they piece together the history of the so called suicides. But to what end, why approximately every ten years and what do all these girls have in common especially what does Liv have in common with them to become the latest victim. I really enjoyed this book and can recommend it as a good read for anyone that likes a creepy, ghost stories with some romance. Definitely a five star read and such an excellent narration by Jorjeana Marie

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