The Potential by June Bretherton Narrated by Roger Worrod

The Potential
Author: June Bretherton
Narrator: Roger Worrod

Time: 8 hours 25 minutes

The Potential by June Bretherton

Narrator Roger Worrod
Roger Worrod has a wonderful, confident voice that is fantastic to listen too. He is a very talented narrator. I like that Worrod doesn't just read the text but does a fine job of expressing the content of the story line. It really is amazing that one person can give the impression of a full cast of characters. Although Worrod does not actually mimic female voices, he does give them good emphasis and character so they are distinguishable from males. He really does an exceptional job with dialog. The reading is flawless with no punching of syllables, no strange pausing and Worrod reads with confidence and skill.

Book Review: The Potential by June Bretherton

I categorize The Potential as a cozy mystery as we meet the local color of Gilchester, we're intimately involved in daily life of a small village and even get an account of the eats. I loved the food and drink references,  Shephards Pie, Sausage and Mash, so English. Bretherton really does a good job of creating a scene and making you feel like you are right there in Gilchester.

Simon Dyers lives with his American girl friend Val, in London. A small museum in Gilchester has hired him to take charge of putting together a temporary art exhibit to interest locals from their small village to attend and generate more interest in all the museum has to offer. When Simon examines their collections, he sees possibilities to put together some interesting exhibits that will hopefully replace the somewhat dull presentations it now offers.

Simon feels a bit dubious about the board of trustees giving their approval. With the first meeting of the board of trustees, one is not there. Later to be found dead. One by one people are being murdered. Well maybe not that many three or four but all have something in common. Simon's girlfriend becomes involved as an amateur detective putting herself in danger. Val and Simon had a lovely relationship until she goes to Gilchester and is deeply disturbed with a side of Simon she had never seen before.

This story was is easy listening, as your gently pulled along to a very surprising ending. Actually I didn't see the ending coming at all. Generally I don't pit my weak detective skills against any mystery story but usually have a couple suspects before the ending in the case of The Potential, I had none and somehow did not find any solid link between the perp and the previous chapters. I am sure you will be unable to guess who the murder is either. A great cozy for those of us who are cozy fans.

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