Mr.Monk Goes to the Firehouse By Lee Goldberg Narrator: Laura Hicks

Mr.Monk Goes to the Firehouse
Book 1.
Lee Goldberg Narrator: Laura Hicks

Audio book
Blackstone Audio, Inc,
7 hours 14 minutes

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Audio book narrator
Laura Hicks

Laura Hicks is very expressive and does excellent on giving each person a special voice. I enjoyed listening to her narration very much. Great emotional expression and excellent pacing. She makes the story move along while making you become very engrossed in it. A sure indicator of an outstanding narrator is when you are unaware of them and only hearing the story as they act it out. Awesome...

Audio Book Review: Mr.Monk Goes to the Firehouse By Lee Goldberg 
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Lee Goldberg Author

A tiny nearly invisible termite hole in Monk's wall leads to his entire apartment building being fumigated. Monk has to find someplace to stay for a few days and no hotel is up to Monk's requirements. No uneven numbers on floor level or room number and even a slight mismatch of wallpaper disqualifies it. Natalie finally lets him stay with her and her twelve year old daughter Julie.

Julie is distraught and crying her eyes out because someone killed Sparky the Firehouse dog. It's inconceivable that anyone would kill a sweet and gentle dog like Sparky. It makes no sense. Monk promises Julie he will find out who killed him, and in the pursuit Natalie meets Hunky Fireman Joe. Sparks fly between them and it's a fire neither of them wants to put out.

Monk needs to have everything match, and also be immaculate. he'll spend four or five hours in the bathroom cleaning it. Causing a lot of stress for both Julie and Natalie when they can't get ready for work or school.  After the bathroom Monk moves on to cleaning everything in the house and throwing away all dishes, glasses and silverware, mismatched anything and Monk tosses it out. Having Monk as a house guest is a challenge even for Natalie.

Monk solves not just Sparky's killer, but solves a couple other murders along the way, all but one committed by the same person. Who would think cats, a few cat hairs and cat allergies would solve the crimes. Monk would, that's for sure but is it enough to prosecute the person.

I can promise seven hours of laugh out loud fun listening to Laura Hicks bring Monk, Natalie, Julie, and all the others into existence.

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