Marcia Muller's The Shape of Dread A Sharon McCone Mystery Narrator: Laura Hicks

The Shape of Dread:
A Sharon McCone Mystery
By Marcia Muller
Narrator: Laura Hicks
Blackstone Audio

9 hours 5 minutes

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Laura Hicks Narrator

Narrator Review: Laura Hicks

Laura Hicks is at her prime in reading this exceptionally fast moving McCone mystery. Lots of excellent characterizations and amazing emotional style. Laura Hicks delivers the goods in spades. There is definition for each person, making it easy to identify who is speaking. Wonderful transitions between moods and Sharon McCone and All Saints explodes into life and vitality. The quality of Hick's reading is a five star winner. Great inflection, modulation and expression.

Audio Book Review: The Shape of Dread, by Marcia Muller

Author Marcia Muller, photo image. narratorreviews
Author Marcia Muller
Jack Stewart, All Souls criminal lawyer, asks Sharon McCone to look over a case he is doing an appeal for. Bobby Foster a twenty year old black man is in San Quintin, facing the death penalty for murder. Jack has some reservations and believes Bobby, who swears he did not kill Stacy Kostakos. 

After watching his video confession and reading the briefs Sharon also sees some holes in the case and agrees he may be innocent. Most striking is Stacy Kostakos' body has never been found. 

Kostakos had been a popular stand-up comedian at Club Comedy, Bobby Foster was a parking valet there. As McCone, meets and interviews all the people at Club Comedy, things are not adding up. Stacy turns out to be a very different person than the innocent darling her mother thinks she is.

Her parents are separated and her father a professor, knows very little about the grown up Stacy. The owner of Club Comedy doesn't believe Stacy is dead and neither does her mother, who for two years has continued paying Stacy's half of the rent. All in all, this has worked out well for Amy, Stacy's roommate.

Intrigue, lies, and half truths make it difficult for McCone to help Bobby so she turns to her ex-cop boyfriend.  Near whoops of elation are heard when she finds a violation ticket in the brief her ex provided. The date on it changes the entire game plan. With this turn of events Sharon McCone is on a course that will threaten her own life.

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Marcia Muller
There's Nothing to be Afraid of

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