Mr. Monk and the Blue Flu, by Lee Goldberg, Narrator: Angela Brazil

Mr. Monk and the Blue Flu

Monk Series, Book 3
Lee Goldberg
Narrator: Angela Brazil
Blackstone Audio Inc
Audio Book

7 hours 6 minutes

Angela Brazil with her feminine and pleasing voice narrates the Blue Flu beautifully. She effortlessly reads the text with uncommon alacrity. The story goes smoothly with accurate emotion. Conversation is chatty and done excellently. Angela Brazil has total control of your ears for seven hours of sheer enjoyment.

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Angela Brazil Narrator

Audio Book Review
Mr. Monk and the Blue Flu

Lee Goldberg photo image, narrator reviews
Author Lee Goldberg

The San Francisco Police Department is going on strike for higher wages and benefits. Officially they cannot strike but seventy percent of them call in sick with the (Blue) Flu. Captain Stottlemeyer gives Monk advanced warning so he'll know there won't be any work for him while they are on strike. 

With no cases to work on, Natalie takes him shopping with her to Nordstrom's, to hit that big sale. Natalie has to buy Julie's clothes on sale since on her meager wages she'd never be able to buy the name brands her daughter must have in order to not be bullied or shunned at school.

Monk being Monk brings down a shoplifting team that's working Nordstrom's. Only Monk would notice that the Nun is not a Nun, the pregnant woman is not pregnant and the old man pushing his oxygen tank is not a sick old man at all. Just an ordinary day for Mr. Monk
When the mayor calls Monk to meet with him, he tricks Monk into taking over Captain Stottlemeyer's job. Monk doesn't understand that taking over Stottlemeye's position makes him a scab and will have a far reaching affect on his friendship with the police. 

A  team is put together, all who had been fired or retired for legitimate reasons. All of them capable in their own way of solving crimes, yet unable to function in a workplace that requires teamwork. Monk covers several murders his first days as Captain, from a stabbed to death astrologer to a convenience store shooting.

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