Mr. Monk in Outer Space By Lee Goldberg Narrator: Angela Brazil

Mr. Monk in Outer Space
Monk Series Book 2
Lee Goldberg

Narrator: Angela Brazil
Blackstone Audio, Inc.
6 hours 53 minutes

Angela Brazil is the narrator for many of the books in the Mr. Monk Series. Her voice is a little gentler and softer than Laura Hicks. Aside from that, they are equal in all important ways. Angela Brazil is wonderful at defining individual characters, and skillfully integrating text with dialogue.


With her gentle and feminine voice Ms. Brazil gives emotional texture to each person and great emphasis is brought out in every detail. Listen to Angela Brazil's youtube video about how she reads Lee Goldberg's Mr. Monk Series. 

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Angela Brazil talks about narrating the Mr. Monk series

Mr Monk in Outer Space:  Author Lee Goldberg Audiobook Review

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Author Lee Goldberg

Mr. Monk sees a coffee stain on his carpet, it's so small no one else can see it, but his OCD makes it impossible for him to stay in the apartment as he will obsess over it all night. Natalie nearly ends up with Monk staying with her again, but Julie's pet hamster freaked him out and he went and stayed with his brother Ambrose instead. We learn a lot about Mr. Monk's brother and even some about their parents.

Natalie's had little time to herself since she started working for Mr. Monk. Now Julie's gone on a weeks camping trip, and Natalie is hoping there will be no murders in San Francisco so she can relax and do things that she can't do when Julie is home. Even a little romance would be welcome.

While mulling over her options, Lieutenant Disher calls for Monk to investigate the murder of Brandon Lorber CEO of Burgerville. Getting Monk into the building is a challenge when he's confronted with a revolving door and the corpse is on the fifth floor. The revolving door is Monk's biggest challenge, he won't go into the door because it results in an uneven number of people. The ever clever Natalie figures out a way of synchronizing everyone to Monk's satisfaction.

Fifth floor, uneven number, another dilemma for Monk. Pleading and arguments with Stottlemeyer about moving the body to an even number floor exasperates the usually patient Captain. Dealing with Monk's needs takes some patience and a lot of thought but everyone co-operates because Monk is never wrong in his assessment of a crime scene. Lorber has been shot three times and everyone is in disbelief of Monk's appraisal of what happened.

The meat of the story is  a convention for a cult television show Beyond Earth, the creator Conrad Stipe was shot and killed in view of at least four surveillance cameras. The killer is wearing an alien costume like hundreds of others milling around the convention. With so many costumed the same as the shooter Stottlemeyer calls in Monk.

Ambrose with his knowledge of Beyond Earth helps Monk solve the murder.  At first Monk is appalled that his brother is an 'earther' as cult fans like to call themselves and that Ambrose has written books about Beyond Earth and even speaks in Drach a made up language used by 'earthers' Ambrose wrote books in at least six languages and is well known and popular even though he never leaves the house.

The Monk series is some of the funniest and far out material on the market today. Lee Goldberg writes with skill and humor shown by few other authors. Each book is original and well written with no dull parts. The stories are always laugh out loud and well worth listening to many times. Prior to listening to my first Monk book I did not know there was a t.v.show about Monk. I will be buying the CD's.

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