Celeste Lawson reading Summer in Tuscany by Elizabeth Adler

Author: Elizabeth Adler
Narrator: Celeste Lawson
9 hours 15 minutes
Producer: Blackstone Audio, Inc.

Summer in Tuscany  by Elizabeth Adler
Elizabeth Adler

Celeste Lawson reading Summer in Tuscany by Elizabeth Adler

Lawson moves between a monotone boring tone to a monotone syrupy boring tone. Her voice is deep and is hard to listen to. Lawson is not skilled with doing normal intonations especially emotional lines. One thing I didn't like is she reads a long sentence without a pause or taking a breath. The book is not interesting enough and with her poor reading I've had skipped ahead a lot. She is just one of the worst readers I've heard. It's hard to tell if the book is boring or she just makes it boring. I skipped to the last chapter. Her voice is coarse, and she fails to make definition between male and female characters. I listened to all four of Linda Palmer's series, Love You Madly, Kiss of Death, Love Her to Death, Celeste Lawson does a nice narration on all of them. To be fair I did try to listen to this book again and I haven't changed my mind except that the book is fine I just don't care for the narration. Like they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so, listening to audiobooks is in the ear of the listener.

I usually like Elizabeth Adler's books even though I am not a fan of romance stories. The plot in this book was somewhat weak. There was a lot of detail about how each character looked, blond hair, blue eyes, bump in the nose, and on and on, way too much detail. The parts that shine are the descriptions of Tuscany, which are wonderful and add so much to being able to visualize the surroundings.

 Gemma Jericho, a doctor in New York, along with  her daughter and her mother go to Bella Piacere to see what kind of house they inherited. Gemma is ready for some excitement, change, and perhaps a little romance. So when her mother gets an unexpected letter saying she's inherited a villa in Tuscany, it's just what the doctored ordered, or in Gemma's case, needs. When they arrive a man called Ben Raphael says it's his villa and he plans to turn it into a hotel. The place is not in good shape, but they throw  themselves into how it could be restored and are not taking Raphael's words at face value and will do what they can to keep the villa.  

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