Mary Peiffer reading "B" is for Burglar by Sue Grafton

"B" is for BurglarSue Grafton
Narrator: Mary Peiffer

7 hours 42 minutes
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"B" is for Burglar Sue Grafton
Mary Peiffer  Narrator for, "B" is for BurglarI really appreciate how Peiffer has gotten into the swing of Kinsey's personality. Her rendition of this book is far superior to what she did in "A" is for Alphabet. I was really impressed with her reading of Mrs. Oxnar, the 88 year old woman. It was excellent.

She also did Tilly,  a woman in her sixties, and sounded convincing.  Her voice for, Pat Usher who was boorish, low class and unemotional was read so persuasively. Peiffer has a very expressive voice. The rhythm is good and she maintains the voice of the characters throughout. Again, Mary Peiffer personifies Kinsey to a T. 

Her rendition of Beverly is expressive of a middle aged, somewhat spoiled woman who is use to getting her own way. I enjoyed listening to her. It is surprising that Peiffer found her sense of the main characters so soon into the series and read through the entire book without a hitch. Her performance as Mrs. Oxnar, the eighty eight year old neighbor, is brilliant.

Audiobook Review of  "B" is for Burglar by Sue Grafton

Sue Grafton Author of B is for Burglar
Sue Grafton Author

Kinsey thinks this case will be an easy and quick one.

Beverly Danziger. hires Kinsey to find her sister Elaine Boldt, she's not been heard from for a few months. Beverly needs Elaine's signature on some legal documents to release funds to various family members from an inheritance. Kinsey thinks the case is going to take so little time that she'll have to refund back half the $750 deposit that Beverly gave her. Hahahaha. We know better though. Elaine has two residences, a local condo and one in Boca Raton. Kinsey goes first, to the local address. Elaine is not there,

Kinsey, has to travel to Boca Raton

Kinsey, talks to the manger Tilly and finds out that Elaine left for Boca Raton. Elaine usually goes to Boca Raton the first of February and returns late July or early August. Tilly forwards mail to Elaine about once a week. Elaine drops a postcard or note to Tilly every week or two but she tells Kinsey that she hasn't heard from her since the first of March.

Elaine is not in Boca Raton

Kinsey calls the phone number at Elaine's Boca Raton condo and no one answers. She looks up the complexes information and writes down some of the neighbors names, and calls the manager, he tells her that Elaine hasn't been there and she's usually there at this time of year.

A Surprising development Kinsey gets an eager ally to spy on Pat.

This is when Kinsey hears that a woman named Pat Usher is living in Elaine's condo. Kinsey calls some of Elaine's neighbors and finally gets an answer from an 88 year old lady, Mrs.Oxnar, who is feisty and fun. The old lady tells her that Pat Usher is in the process of packing to vacate the condo. So, if she wants to talk to her, she'd better catch a flight down, right away.

Kinsey bullies Pat into letting her in the condo

Kinsey meets Pat Usher and is dissatisfied with her and being a confessed liar herself she knows Pat Usher is lying to her. Pat is not the kind of person that Elaine would be friends with. Pat is coarse, crude and trashy. Mrs. Oxnar, becomes Kinsey's ally and is eager too help and spy on Pat.

This book has lots of adventures full of hazards and perils. The secondary characters were interesting, and sometimes funny. The story had more substance and variety than "A" is for Alibi.  I think this is one of my favorite alphabet books. I favor Mary Peiffer as the narrator, she sounds young, close to the age of Kinsey, and her voice is pleasing.
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