Tell Me Where it Hurts By Dr. Nick Trout Simon Vance, Narrator

Tell Me Where it Hurts
Dr. Nick Trout
Narrator: Simon Vance
BBC Audiobooks America
9 hours, 12 minutes

Dr. Nick Trout Veterinarian and author
Dr. Nick Trout Veterinarian and author 

Simon Vance Narrator for Tell Me Where it Hurts
Simon Vance Narrator
Simon Vance narrator for, Tell Me Where it Hurts By Dr. Nick Trout
Narrator Simon Vance did a stellar dramatization of Tell Me Where it Hurts by Nick Trout.  He has a wonderful voice and expressed the right amount of sensitivity.  Simon Vance's voice is melodic and easy to listen to. He enunciates each word clearly without sounding forced or fake. He never stumbles over words. Even when narrating something tragic you feel like everything will be just fine. This once would have been called a good bedside manner. He just has a wonderful voice and is one of my favorite narrators. I fancy he enjoyed the book himself.

Angel Animal Medical Center is located in Boston MA. Dr.Trout is one of the veterinarians. He shows a terrific sense of humor in this book. He takes us through some emergency room events showing all the skill and care of a hospital for humans. Perhaps even better care. Interesting to see things from the veterinarians point of view. If you're not an animal lover this might not be for you. Most any pet owner will like it.

After I finished listening to this wonderful book I thought of all the wonderful pets I've had and loved and the fine veterinarians that cared for them over the years. Dr.Trout is truly a special human being. It is so great when you find a vet that can really understand what a pet can mean to a family.

Cats are wonderful but there is nothing to compare to the love and devotion shining through the eyes of a dog. The absolute trust they have in you. The thrill of excitement they joyously express when you come home. Their willingness to wait for you to tend to their needs. And not the least, their ability to rebound from human abuse and forgive and be willing to love again. Simon Vance, is such an extraordinary narrator, his voice and the way he reads is so full of compassion and kindness. I'm sure he would excel as a hostage team negotiator or a therapist. I'm happy he has become a narrator.


Cubicw86 said...

I'm a total animal lover, I have two dogs and one rabbit. I find that veterinarians are very different from doctors. Vets actually care about their patients (the animals) whereas doctors only care about money and not getting their ass sued. If only docs can have the vet's caring mentality. I will definately put this on my reading lists, can't wait!!

Unknown said...

Thanks for leaving such a nice comment. I too love animals and you're so right, vets are a different breed of animal. lol
I couldn't agree more with your comments. Hugs