Mary Peiffer reading "C" is for Corpse by Sue Grafton

"C" is for Corpse

A Kinsey Millhone Mystery

The Alphabet Series

By Sue Grafton

Narrated By Mary Peiffer

Length: 7 hrs and 47 mins

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Narrator Review for Mary Peiffer

Mary Peiffer narrates Kinsey and does capture her personality pretty well. In "C' she doesn't seem to do the male voices very well. When she's narrating Bobby it sounds somewhat slow and stilted. Very guttural and her natural voices leaks into more than one sentence. 

She has not yet fully gotten Henry's personality. She does great with Rosy, unlike the previous two books she doesn't maintain Rosie's voice and accent. But overall,  her female renditions are good as is her reading of the text. Mary Peiffer is nonetheless my preferred narrator of the Alphabet Series. Her voice is age appropriate, and Peiffer does give Kinsey a unique identity that gets better as she reads each new book.

Audiobook Review of "C" is for Corpse. 

Author Sue Grafton

Photo, Sue Grafton Author of C is for Corpse. narratorreviews.blogspot.com
Sue Grafton Author

"C" is for Corpse is a light read with a fast pace. Bobby is trying to restore his body in the gym because he had a bad auto accident in which his best friend was killed. Bobby thinks someone tried to kill him and hires Kinsey to investigate. They meet on Monday and by Thursday Bobby is dead. Investigation of the car accident shows his breaks were tampered with and that's what cause him to crash into a tree.

There's a side story of Henry enchanted by a bit of 60 year old fluff. Turns out she is not all she seems to be. Kinsey unravels it all in her dogged way and saves the day. Sue Grafton does seem to make some unique crimes for Kinsey to deal with. In "C" is for Corpse  Kinsey's trek into the morgue scared the you know what out of me.

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