An Uninvited Ghost, A Haunted Guesthouse, Book 2 by: E. J. Copperman Narrator: Amanda Ronconi

An Uninvited Ghost
A Haunted Guesthouse, Book 2
by: E. J. Copperman
Narrator: Amanda Ronconi
Length: 9 hrs and 31 mins
Publisher: Audible Studios

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Amanda Ronconi Narrator

Narrator Review, Amanda Ronconi

Amanda Ronconi, skillfully carries through the personalities and voices from all the characters in An Uninvited Ghost, exactly the way she created them in The Night of the Living Deed. It is remarkable how she manages to instill each person with their own unique personalities.You will always know who is speaking when Ms. Ronconi narrates. Her reading is smooth and read at a normal conversational pace, making it a pleasure to listen to. It sounds very effortless, but in reality it takes a great deal of competency to make it all sound so artful.

Audiobook Review: An Uninvited Ghost By E. J. Copperman

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E.J. Copperman author

Things are looking up for Alison now that she has a guaranteed full house thanks to Edmund Rance offering her a contract to provide two daily ghost events for his senior clientele who were looking for a fun and one of a kind vacation experience. Paul and Maxie, her resident ghosts agree, but Paul wants something in return. Paul wants Alison to get a Private Investigator's license and be his eyes in the outer world, since he cannot leave the house. 

Paul was just starting out as a private investigator and Maxie was one of his first cases. Unfortunately, someone murdered both of them and they seem to be trapped together in Maxie's house (now Alison's guesthouse) for all eternity. Paul seems to be able to talk with other dead people but not all. He relies on what he calls his 'ghoster net' and some of them have questions about their deaths. With  Alison's help he can still solve crimes and hone his detective skills. Alison isn't thrilled with the idea and doubts Paul will have many cases for her to work on.

With the ghost shows now successfully going full swing and entertaining the guests Paul wants Alison to look into Scott McFarlane's prank of scaring an old lady, he is worried that the prank had gone wrong and he fears he may have killed Arlice Crosby the old woman. Not unexpectedly Alison doesn't want to do it, but a gentle threat of not doing any more 'vaudeville' shows for her guests and Alison quickly changes her mind.

Multitasking Alison was offered a tidy sum of money to allow a reality television show to use her house for the next season's show, a full house from the Senior Plus Tours, measuring and eyeing the attic to turn into a an exclusive and more private room, tracking down the Arlice Crosby situation for Scott McFarlane. Doing a seance which the reality show wants to film, dealing gracefully with Dolores Santiago, a disgruntled and constantly complaining guest. Add a murder during the seance for another layer of burdens and situations to Alison's burgeoning schedule. Can Alison handle this level of obligations without breaking while still acting as a good mother to Melissa and maintaining privacy for her seniors.

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