Inspector Specter By E.J. Copperman Narrator: Amanda Ronconi

Inspector Specter
Series: Haunted Guesthouse, Book 6
By E.J. Copperman

Inspector Specter by E.J. Copperman Book 6  book cover image
Inspector Specter

Narrated By Amanda Ronconi
Length: 9 hrs and 42 mins

Narrator Review of Amanda Ronconi

Imagine you are listening to a movie on the telly (without the commercials) and you're relaxed and laying back with your eyes closed. That just about describes what it is like listening to Amanda Ronconi narrate Inspector Specter. Ms. Ronconi does such a bang up job of reading and performing Inspector Specter it is like listening to a full cast play or movie. She really sinks her teeth into the story line as well as developing the characters maybe even more than the author had in mind when he wrote the book. You can't go wrong with Amanda Ronconi, always a delightful listen, always a top notch performance and you always will be sorry when the book is done. Outstanding and exceptional in every way, as an awesome narrator should be.

Narrator, Amanda Ronconi image.Narrator of E.J. Copperman's Haunted Guesthouse
Narrator Amanda Ronconi

Audiobook Review of Inspector Specter

E.J. Copperman Author

Detective Anita McElone has played a significant role in every book in the Haunted Guesthouse Series. McElone and Alison have an ongoing relationship, not quite friends, yet. Alison has respect for McElone's professional abilities but, still calls her Lieutenant. McElone rhymes with macaroni, and macaroni is what I hear every time her name is mentioned. McElone thinks Alison's Guesthouse is creepy and refuses to go inside. She doesn't believe in ghosts, nonetheless, when her old partner Martin Ferry, from Seaside Heights is killed, McElone, turns to Alison, to contact Marty's ghost. McElone thinks Marty was murdered but the Seaside Heights police think it was an accident.

Paul loves nothing better than to have a case to work on, and he gets on the ghosternet to see if anyone knows about Marty or has seen his spirit. His contacts reveal some unpleasant news about Marty, they say he had mob connections, and was a "dirty cop". Alison puts Maxie, her other resident ghost on it. Maxie is the computer whiz a talent she discovered after she became a ghost.

No one has seen Marty on the other side so Alison and McElone go to Marty's apartment to see if his ghost is there, he is. McElone still is not sure Alison is talking to Marty, not until Marty tells Alison something that only he and McElone knew. McElone is stunned and begins to accept that Marty is in the room with them. Even so McElone will still have doubts creep in from time to time. Marty was investigating a gang or mob related case leading McElone and Alison into some very bizarre situations.

McElone takes a vacation week off from work to devote more time to finding Marty's killer. Alison is investigating from her end with Maxie and Paul's help when McElone gives Alison a thumb drive to keep in a safe place for her. The mobsters learn that Alison has that drive and stop at nothing to get it. Putting Alison in some life threatening situations.

Inspector Specter has a lot of characters to keep track of and the pace is fast. I did have to pay attention ad listen to it twice to keep the people and situations clear in my mind. It is even more convoluted after McElone disappears. Then we have Maxie acting strange to the point it begins to bother Alison. So she sets her spook Dad to tail her and report back. Where does Maxie goes all morning? Maxie does spend more time away from the Guesthouse since she learned how to leave the grounds.

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