The Thrill of the Haunt, A Haunted Guesthouse Mystery by E. J. Copperman Narrated By Amanda Ronconi

The Thrill of the Haunt
A Haunted Guesthouse Mystery
by E. J. CoppermanNarrated By Amanda Ronconi
Length: 9 hrs and 23 mins

Narrator Review of Amanda Ronconi

Narrator Amanda Ronconi The Thrill of the Haunt image
Narrator Amanda Ronconi
Amanda Ronconi, performs with perfection the fast changing scenes and characters without ever losing her high energy tone. Every character is unique and given diligent attention. Conversation are natural sounding and smooth, The text, is the skeleton of a book that pulls the story together, receives the same attention from Ronconi as the dialogue. Another outstanding narration by Amanda Ronconi. 

Audiobook Review of The Thrill of the Haunt by E.J. Copperman

E.J. Copperman

The Thrill of the Haunt, has two investigations for Alison to solve. With her reputation
growing as being the ghost lady, her guesthouse business is becoming more popular,
booked full of people wanting the ghostly experience or a bit of the paranormal. She tells people it is just an advertising ploy and for her Senior Plus Tour guests she encourages the haunted title which Maxie and Paul put on two shows or events a day. She wants to deny the title of ghost lady and Paul and Maxie have hurt feelings over her denial of them. 

Everett a long time local homeless man approaches Alison to help him get rid of the ghosts that pester him. Alison doesn't see how she can be of any help and it's not until he is murdered that she gets involved in solving the crime that she really knows anything about him.  Kerin an old adversary prods and finally hires Alison to find his murderer The scuttlebutt is a ghost killed him. Alison swears that's nonsense that a living person killed him.

Nothing has come over the ghosternet for some time and Paul is getting bored and restless for lack of a crime to solve. Luckily for Paul, Helen Bonifico hires Alison to follow her husband. Helen is sure he is cheating on her and she wants proof of it, she even knows the woman he's seeing. Paul is clicking his heels to finally have some cases to work on. Apparently being a ghost can become very boring. Alison is surprised that Helen doesn't want to divorce him, but use it for leverage (her word) or blackmail (Alison's word) to make him toe the line, and control him.  

It is a surprise ending and with everyone gathered in the library, actually Alison had a party with all the suspects invited to flush out the murderer. The Thrill of the Haunt is Book 5, in the series and is just as funny as the first four. Each book has many twists and turns and many surprises that add to the playfulness and lighthearted coziness of this series. It is a guaranteed laugh out loud experience reading any of the Haunted House Series.

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