Old Haunts, A Haunted Guesthouse Mystery: By: E. J. Copperman Narrator: Amanda Ronconi

Old Haunts
Haunted Guesthouse Series:Book 3
By: E. J. Copperman
Narrator: Amanda Ronconi

Length: 10 hrs and 1 min
Publisher: Audible Studios
Narrator Amanda Ronconi Narrator for E.J. Copperman
Amanda Ronconi Narrator

Narrator Review Amanda Ronconi

Amanda Ronconi adds a bit of spice and a dash of tabasco to Maxie Malone, not that Maxie needs more snark but Ms. Ronconi brings out her very worse traits and Maxie has so many to choose from. Her performance of The Haunted Guesthouse Mysteries is brilliant. Her voice and interpretation of each character is simply dazzling, Amanda Ronconi is one of the superstars among the most talented narrators.

Audiobook Review: Old Haunts By E.J. Copperman

Author E.J. Copperman Haunted Guesthouse Series
Author E.J. Copperman

Alison Kerby a thirty year old divorcee and mom to a precocious ten year old. Had the previous year returned to her childhood hometown on the Jersey Shore, bought a Victorian home to renovate and turn into a guesthouse. During the renovations through a set of bizarre events she learns that the old house has two resident ghosts, Maxie Malone the previous owner of the house and Paul Harrison the Private Investigator she'd hired as a bodyguard. Unfortunately Maxie and Paul were murdered in the house, now they are ghosts, and fated it seems to never leave the house.

Maxie Malone has a more center stage role in Old Haunts when she happens to
see a newspaper article about her ex-husband's body being found under a boardwalk at Seaside Heights, a victim of foul play. Big Bob (as his friends call him), Maxie's ex, was actually a very short Las Vegas marriage barely a weekend, when they sobered up, they had it annulled. Thereafter, in fun, they continued, referring to one another as husband and wife.

Maxie's mother absolutely hated Big Bob and is glad he is dead. Maxie wants Alison to find out who murdered him. Alison wisely does not want to track down a killer that could put her and Melissa in yet another dangerous situation.

Paul, asks her to find Julia McKenzie, who he was going to ask to marry him before he was murdered. Now he wants to know how she is and if she is doing well after his death. Paul wants the solace of knowing she has moved on with her life and maybe even found someone new.

Alison is reluctant to accommodate either Maxie or Paul especially with a full house of guests from the Senior Plus Tours. What with being Supermom to Melissa and still doing some renovation work. The 'Swine' as she refers to her ex-husband Steven, unexpectedly shows up at her door. According to the ''Swine" he has come to see his daughter Melissa. Alison isn't buying this story and as it turns out, she is wise to be suspicious of what he is doing there.

Alison juggles all these obligations skillfully and often feeling a bit frazzled. Things start looking like neither case is going anywhere  Julia, is like she vanished off the face of the earth. Big Bob is stalled and it's looking like there are no leads to follow. Alison gets a text message warning her off of looking into Big Bob's death. Scared and also encouraged that perhaps she had hit on something that the murderer feels is getting too close.

This is a fun and light hearted series best started with Book 1, Night of the Living Deed that introduces all the key characters and how Alison meets the ghosts. Book 2, An Uninvited Ghost, Alison has earned a reputation of having a haunted house which brings an offer from Senior Plus Tours, that for two ghostly activities a day he will book seniors looking for a unique vacation experience.

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