Bill Bryson reading The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid by Bill Bryson

The Thunderbolt Kid written and read by Bill Bryson

The Thunderbolt Kid
Bill Bryson
Duration:   7 hours, 39 minutes
Publisher: Books on Tape
Narrator Bill Bryson
Subject(s): Biography & Autobiography
Humor (Nonfiction)

Bill Bryson, Narrator and Author

Bill Bryson is not only an outstanding and talented writer he is an excellent narrator. He has a great way of adding inflection to the words that really showcase the meaning. He's outstanding in expressing the thought and content in his own unique way. Such a pleasure listening to him. There are many narrators that could take some tips just listening to him. They read, Bill Bryson expresses. The Thunderbolt Kid  is so funny. You can't help but laugh at his tales of what the world and life was like for him in the 50's. Bryson doesn't pull any punches and worry about being very pc. It sounds like he not only had a pretty good childhood but had a lot of fun too. The tale about his mother and the cottage cheese is very funny. "Mom, I would say each night, laying a piece of bread over the offending mound on my plate. Rather as one covers a roadside accident victim with a blanket. You know, I really do hate cottage cheese. Do you dear
, she would say with a look of sympathetic perplexity. Why? It looks like the stuff that comes out of Uncle Dee's throat. Everyone present including my father would nod solemnly". This goes on for awhile and is hilarious. He has described Uncle Dee and the cottage cheese which was sad and funny at the same time. Where he gets some of the obscure information he uses like story about Ruthy's Lounge and her ability to use her bosom to carry a drink tray. The story about the police busting up a prostitution house, took the police 3 hours to find the girls behind a hidden wall. And when he does find these articles or stories how does he even glom onto them as something to use in a book. You won't be disappointed with any of Bill Bryson's books. You might be a little disappointed if you read the books and don't listen to them because you can't possibly get all the feeling, inflection and essence of the story that you will have if you listen to Bill Bryson reading them.

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