Justine Eyre reading Now You See Her by Joy Fielding

Justine Eyre
Reading, Now You See Her by Joy Fielding
Hard to follow the book because the sound quality isn't too good. Sounds like she's in a tunnel or down a well. There is a warble to the sound and a fading in and out. I found this odd because Brilliance Audio usually does an excellent job in recording. I'm not sure if it's her reading of the hollow sound that is making it warble.  As to her narration, I feel like gasping for air. My heart rate has gone up and I'm sure my blood pressure has too. The speed of her reading is so fast that I can't even begin to follow the story line. So I have to give her a very low score as a narrator.  This particular book has some low ratings on Amazon. Since I don't have anything else new to listen to at the moment I'm giving it a chance. About a third into the book she began a better pace and with a few exceptions she managed to continue to the end of the book without sounding like she was off to the races.
The book was not that good. I did like the descriptions of places in Ireland. Some were informative but not so long as to become boring. The story pretty much is a divorced older woman Macy Taggart goes alone on the trip to Ireland that had been meant for her and her husband as a second honeymoon. Their daughter had been killed in a canoe accident two years before and she thinks she see's her daughter in Ireland. There were some very unlikely happenings at the end of the book. Things not even dumb luck could cause to happen.
The blurbs did sound like it might be an interesting book. I did enjoy some of her other books like See Jane Run and Kiss Mommy Goodbye. Now You See Her just doesn't make the grade.

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