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Audio Book Swap
Many of you who come here to read narrator reviews may wonder where you can get a good selection of audio books. Your public library could be your biggest source if they have Overdrive or Netlibrary. Of course they will no doubt have a good selection on CD's if you prefer to listen to your books that way. I feel fortunate that my library has both Netlibrary and Overdrive. Log into your library account and look for the tab that says databases or internet.
If your searching for a specific book from the regular library database it will have an icon indicating that it is available as a downloadable book. Sign into either with your library card number and download the software you need. The instructions are much clearer now than when I started using it a few years ago. They are compatible now with many more devices than when they started out. There are hundreds of Epub books that you can read if  you want to do that too.
I prefer Overdrive for it's easy to use interface. It has an excellent bookmarking ability. You can easily burn, or transfer your book from within it's window or you can listen to it on your computer.
I like Netlibrary because you don't have to wait to check out a book. If they have it you can download it right away, whereas on Overdrive you may end up having to wait for it to become available. It will show how many people are on the waiting list. The selection of books at either is dependent on what your library provides. There are some free sites also like librivox except the books are not read by professional narrators. I have listened to a few books from them and heard some excellent readers. What I don't like is between every single chapter, they repeat the librivox ad and information. I've even had a few readers giving kudos to some friend that graduated from college. That is really annoying. Personally I think at the beginning of the book is sufficient. It can be disturbing to have it breaking the flow of the story so often.

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