Pictures on my blog


I see that some people are copying the pictures on my site. This is fine, but please do not use them to sell on another site or on any other media. You can use them for your own personal use. Please ask me if you're not sure. There is a link to most of them at the bottom of the page that will take you to Flickr where you can use them. I haven't checked what abilities Flickr gives you so you'll have to check it out yourself. I have improved the look/color of many of the pictures and added text. Please use your editing program to remove my text before you use them. Above all, I have put links to my sources that you can visit and either buy the subscription to www.vintagerio.com which is very reasonably priced or visit Liam at www.fromoldbooks.com. Dover also has a good amount of very usable and copy write free pictures you can use.
Please do not use any of my text as your own without giving credit. If you do I will be on you like a junkyard dog.
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