Julia Gibson reading The Cracker Queen by Lauretta Hannon

Julia Gibson
Julia Gibson reading The Cracker Queen by Lauretta Hannon. Ms. Gibson has a bit of a raspy voice. She has a little girlish tone. But overall she reads pretty well. She does some of the Southern speech nicely. Her talents would be better spent reading romance books. The Cracker Queen needs a deeper, more coarse voice. My choice would be Judy Kaye.
The book, Cracker Queen, is not my cup of tea. I found it rambling, disjointed and crude. I did not like the amount of swearing and vulgar language. It wasn't needed IMHO. Her family sounds like a horror story. I'm not sure but it seems like she is giving life advice and she really is not an ideal life coach. Dare I say this book is trashy? There were a few funny one liners but a book needs more than that to be good. Substance would have been nice.

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I love to listen to audio books narrated by Julia Gibson. Romance, mystery...you name it. She has a sort of snotty sorority girl tone when you first listen but undertones of humor and sensitivity. I love the way she says, "she said" or "he said" clearly separating it from the thing that he or she said!