Cassandra Campbell, narrating Predator by Terri Blackstone

Predator by Terri Blackstock
Narrated by Cassandra Campbell
If you read my other post about Cassandra Campbell you will remember I was really unhappy with her voice and rendition reading A Year in  the World, by Frances Mayes. I did say that she should be narrating romance books. I think I was 100% right. She does an outstanding job reading Predator. Tremendous rendition of characters to a spine chilling degree. Predator is not a romance but a murder/horror story. I'll be adding that genre to Ms. Campbells bag of tricks.
The Book, Predator, I recommend it to anyone that is on any social websites or has kids that are spending any amount of time on them. With Cassnadra's narrating you will feel true terror. She manages to make you get into each character, feel their fear and engage with their very thoughts. If you don't get a frison up your spine listening to this book then you are not alive. lol, I hartily applaud Ms. Campbell's wonderful reading and the energy and emotion that she instills in it. Terri Blackstock's books usually are spine chillers. Outstanding book and satisfying rendition.

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