Colleen McCullough The Independence of Miss Mary Bennet Read by Jen Taylor

The Independence of Miss Mary Bennett
Colleen McCullough
Narrator: Jen Taylor
13 hours 39 minutes

The Independence of Miss Mary Bennett

Narrator Jen Taylor

Jen Taylor reading The Independence of Miss Mary Bennett by Colleen McCullough.
Jen Taylor has a strong clear voice and a good range of tones. But like so many British readers they talk like they have a sock stuffed down their throat. For example  'after' sounds like awf ter, Clerk sound like klark this just gets on my last nerve. Sigh, a clerk is a clerk in a store or office and Klark is a man's name. How they get klark out of the spelling clerk that has no A in it, is beyond me. Girl is girl not something that sounds like gull. Aside from that her voice is pretty good.

The book is a mixed bag. About midway through it, it disintegrated into some weird fantasy. Totally ridiculous and unbelievable. Apparently the book is some kind of Jane Austin continuation or sequel. My opinion is not colored by being a big fan of Jane Austin because I am not. For me it was just a stand alone book. I could not warm up to liking Mary. How the other characters could be so adoring of her and forgiving was beyond me. In any time period Jane would be an obnoxious, bull headed pain in the butt. She had no redeeming traits. Frankly the book was awful and even though it started out interesting enough it rapidly fell into the trash. To bad because I've enjoyed so many of Colleen McCullough's past books.

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