Narrator Rosemary Leach reading Agatha Christie's A Murder is Announced

Agatha Christie audio book award

I really enjoyed listening to Rosemary Leach reading A Murder is Announced. She has a great voice. I had no trouble following who was speaking as she transitions between characters very smoothly, very equable and natural sounding. Wonderful range of tones and emotion and she pulls off the male characters nicely. Very expressive, not afraid to give lots of personality to each character. In fact her her narration is so outstanding that you can easily envision the story in your minds eye.

I realize this is book 4 in the Miss Marple Series. Unfortunately the libraries are slow to add Agatha Christie audio books. The story was a rather fun story where someone publishes an advertisement for what sounds like an open invitation to a murder mystery party.
There is much excitement and conversation about attending. Everyone arrives in high excitement for the 6:30 p.m. time of some unknown event to happen. It quickly turns into a murder for real. The rest of the book is of course the solving of the mystery. I especially enjoyed the wide range of personalities in the book. Some were very funny. It made me realize that so many of our more modern mysteries seem to lack that variety. Sometimes our current books have characters that lack enough personality to really get a feel for them.  Authors seem to now focus more on female characters that are independent, strong, and PC. They lack the frailties of human nature. Male characters are about the same. At worst males are presented as supermen. Think Jack Reacher in "Lee Child's 'Reacher Novels. I do enjoy Lee Child's books but have never really had a sense of who Jack Reacher really is.  This Agatha Christie book really brought this lack of genuine humanness in current books to light. As does Rosermary Leach's magnificent characterizations.
I would be willing to pay for audio books that Rosemary Leach is narrating. She is definitely a reader that blows life into a book.

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