A Little Princes Frances Hodgson Burnett Narrated by: Jennifer M Dixon

A Little Princes Frances Hodgson Burnett Narrated by: Jennifer M DixonAudiobook Length: 7 hrs and 14 mins


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A Little Princess

Narrator Review: Jennifer M. Dixon

Imagine your dear mum reading to you, while you snuggle down deep under your duvet and become enraptured with the classic story of A Little Princess. A memory that will stay with you for a lifetime.

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Narrator Jennifer M. Dixon
Ms. Dixon does and exceptionally nice job of moving between characters and the imitations of a wide range of young girls voices as they chatter, manipulate and torment and tease one another. The stern an dragon like headmistress Miss Minchin is very convincing under the tongue of Jennifer M. Dixon. A true pleasure to listen to and to hug close to your heart for a very long time.

Audio Book Review of A Little Princess

A Little Princess by Frances H. Burnett is a classic children's book that was first published 1905 and has been a hit with generation after generation of children and adults alike. Sara Crewe is the epitome of a perfect child. Talented, clever, pretty, imaginative. Doubtless this and other Burnett books were my own favorites as a child and many, many years later they remain so. 

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Author Frances H. Burnett

Sara Crewe grew up in India, and was raised like a princess, doted on by her father Captain Crewe. Sara's mother died when she was born so she never really missed her and Captain Crewe indulged and loved Sara enough that he filled in the gap.  

Captain Crewe was very sad when it became time for Sara to enroll at Miss Minchin's, Select Seminary for Young Ladies. He and Sara knew one day she would have to leave India, as the popular opinion was that the climate was so severe it was unhealthy for children. 

The days before Crewe was to return to India he and Sara spend their last few days shopping, sight seeing and finding Emily. Emily is the special doll that suits Sara's requirements for a doll that looked like it was listening to you. When they find Emily, she's outfitted with a complete wardrobe as resplendent as Sara's own.

At Miss Minchin's Sara has a lovely suite that becomes the most desirable place for the other girls to visit. Sara is so good natured and kind that most the other girls like her. Her biggest enemy is Miss Minchin who has always disliked and envied Sara. 

When Captain Crewe is listed as killed in the war and his property and money are lost, Miss Minchin is almost gleeful that Sara is no longer rich she relegates her to the attic demanding she pay for her keep by doing whatever chores or errands asked of her by anyone.

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A Little Princess by Frances H. Burnett

When people move into the house directly across from Sara's attic window she soon is making friends with Ram Dass the India servant of a very sick man. Ram Dass secretly observes Sara and learns of her friends that visit her in the cold attic, meagre of anything warm or comforting yet they visit and adore Sara. 

Ram Dass and his ailing charge contrive a way to bring some good things to Sara's attic, food, heat, warm clean bedding and much more. When the frisky little monkey that rides on the shoulder of Ram Dass finds his way to Sara's attic she lets him sleep on her bed till morning when she returns him and all is revealed about her neighbors and her own future is not the bleak, hungry one she had thought it would be.

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