The Secret of the Old Clock, Carolyn Keene. Audiobook Narrator: Laura Linney

The Secret of the Old Clock
Book 1, Nancy Drew series
Carolyn Keene
Narrator: Laura Linney
Audio book: 3 hrs. 14 mins.
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Narrator: Laura Linney

Narrator Review: Laura Linney

Laura Linney, does an excellent narration of the Nancy Drew books. Her rendition of older
people is excellent without out making them sound feeble. I like that Ms. Linney sounds youthful and can sound girlish, suiting Nancy Drew's young adult age. Her young children, are good and can be easily heard as a child. Her strength is in rendering the exact emotions and thoughts of the characters. I liked the special bit of emphasis she gives to words as when she says " They were arrogant and unreasonable" and " Ada and Isabel had been unpopular in high school. " Such delicious venom in the tone of voice, yet modified by Nancy's upbringing to not speak ill of people or to gossip. Ms. Linny makes the story flow naturally and soon you are pulled in and visualizing with ease.

Audio Book Review: The Secret of the Old Clock, By Carolyn Keene

What would a Nancy Drew book be without the fierce, violent storm, while driving, or a good blizzard? Yes, the books in many ways are dated, a young person may have to ask, what's a phone booth that you step into and close the door, or what's a drive in or a drive Inn. Maybe they have updated them and taken out what was relevant to past years. I suggest finding the original books and reading them, it could be an excellent history lesson.

Nancy Drew is no less popular today than she was in the 1930's. The stories though written by a formula, are fun, have mystery, are well written, and hold one's attention. Nancy Drew, is young, attractive, spunky, and fearless. Above all Nancy has scruples, and a good sense of fair play. She's been raised well, taught not to gossip, or spread rumors. Nancy over the years has acquired talents like playing tennis, scuba diving and even knows some Swedish. The first book The Secret of the Old Clock came out in 1930, Nancy is just as good today and held the test of time for eighty years.

I wasn't sure how I'd feel about Nancy Drew, with a cell phone, the internet and our twenty first century life style. Although I do prefer my adult mystery books and cozies to be up to date, but Nancy? Nancy Drew is an icon, a memory of delicious hours pouring over each book. I am happy to say I enjoy some of the new Nancy Drew Diaries, and will be listening or reading the other series. What fun to find Nancy Drew again. It doesn't matter to millions of people that the books are rated for 7 to 12 year old. Nancy is the reigning Queen of sleuths, the inspiration to many who started their own female super sleuth books, or careers in law enforcement. 

Nancy is heading home, after delivering some legal papers for her father when a little girl runs out in the road in front of a Moving Van. Nancy is relieved that she makes it across without getting hit but to her horror she looses her balance and falls over the bridge. Nancy stops and rescues the girl and carries her to the house across the street.

Two older women tell Nancy they are Judy's aunts and have been raising her since the parents died. Nancy stays long enough with them to find out that a relative, Josiah Crowley, use to visit and stay with them from time to time and often told them he would leave something for them in his will. Having recently died, Crowley left everything to the Topham family. Mary Turner believed there was a later will but has no idea where it is.

After Nancy leaves them, the idea of another will weighs heavily on her mind and when she gets home she talks to her father about the Turner's and if there is anything they can do to find out if there is a will hidden somewhere. With some help from her father, Nancy begins her quest to unravel the mystery of the will, that she is sure is hidden somewhere. Always up for a mystery, Nancy 'girl sleuth' gets into some intense and dangerous positions. We know the ever brave and resourceful girl detective will prevail.

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