The Egg and I, By Betty MacDonald Narrated By Heather Henderson

The Egg and I 

By Betty MacDonald

Narrated By Heather Henderson

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Audio Book Length: 9 hrs

 The Egg and I CD

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Heather Henderson Narrator

What a magnificent performance Heather Anne Henderson does reading the Egg and I. Her voice and tone are so beautiful and mellow. She brings out the sweetness of Betty MacDonald and her family and their quirks as well. It is a pleasure listening to her give substance to each event and person. I felt she truly gave the self centered and inconsiderate Bob his full measure because Betty tries to tamper his meanness with humor. Without Betty he would not have been able to fulfill his own dream of raising chickens. Heather Anne Henderson manages to emphasize with her very skillful tones the underlying dissatisfaction that is soon brewing in Betty's heart.

Audio Book Review: The Egg and I by Betty MacDonald

Betty MacDonald photo from SEATTLE TIMES ARCHIVE, 1951
Betty MacDonald Author

The Egg and I is a charming and hilarious story, told by Betty MacDonald, about her life as a bride, is whisked away to the outer limits of Washington to the Olympic Peninsula to start her new life as a chicken Farmer with Bob, a man that has his heart set on raising chickens for a living. Bob an Insurance man did not want to spend his life in an office but dreamed of raising chickens and owning his own place.

Although Betty was raised by what are now seen as old fashioned and restrictive codes of ethics, she gamely sets forth with her new husband to the wilds of the Olympic Peninsula, untamed, rustic, isolated and very primitive.

When Betty first lays eyes on her new abode she's downhearted at the frightful condition of the ramshackle and dilapidated house with it's broken windows, sagging porch and not a single amenity. No electricity, water, or bathroom and a very old wood burning stove, that will prove to become her nemesis. If nothing else Betty is always optimistic and tries to keep a positive attitude, so she focuses on the beauty of the mountains and the towering pine trees.

With a sigh, she examines the house to see what it is going to need to become habitable. To her dismay, her new husband is less interested in the run down shack they will have to live in and more interested in where he will put his chicken coops, pig pen, and other animal homes. After all the animal shelters are finished Betty thinks, now we can start on the house. Not yet, because Bob is moving on to the orchard. and putting in the vegetable garden.

Even though living without electricity, a decent stove, or indoor plumbing Betty manages to see humor in the people and things around her. In spite of the labor and hardships she tries to put Bob in a good light and find humor even in his callousness. Her fortitude and humor led to her success as an author and The Egg and I was made into a movie and the popular Ma and Pa Kettle movies were offshoots

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