Bryant & May The Bleeding Heart, A Peculiar Crimes Unit Mystery By Christopher Fowler Narrated By Tim Goodman

Bryant and May, the Bleeding Heart:
Book 11, A Peculiar Crimes Unit Mystery
By Christopher Fowler
Narrated By Tim Goodman
Audio Book

11 hrs and 14 mins

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Bryant & May and the Bleeding Heart

The elusive Tim Goodman, is certainly the best choice for Christopher Fowler's, Peculiar Crimes Unit Series. He does a top notch performance of cranky older men and I love his nasally high pitched voice for the head of the unit. His voice drips with annoyance and dislike for Bryant and May. Tim Goodman does a wonderful dramatization of each of the characters and merges the story text into a smooth flowing presentation that is superb.

Audio Book Review: Bryant & May The Bleeding Heart 

Christopher Fowler

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Christopher Fowler

Romain Curtis, talks his date Sharron into going in the graveyard for a little star gazing and whatever else he can persuade her to do. Reluctantly she goes with him and although he does know the constellations, a passion of his, another passion has him kissing her. Just when things look like they are heating up, they hear noises and see what looks like a dead person rising out of a grave.

They have to go past the zombie to reach the gate. This of course scares the bejeezus out of them and they have to run too make their escape. Once out of the graveyard they report it to the police. Goes without saying that the police think they are high on drugs and find a little pot on Romain. Saying that the zombie talked to him convinced the police that it was a drug induced fantasy and they arrest him for the pot they find on him.

No bodies have been buried for at least three hundred years in this small graveyard Yet, on further investigation, the police find a body that has not been dead very long, face down in the grave. The hunt is on now to identify this man and find the reason why he was buried there and why was someone trying to dig him up. All very strange indeed. Right up Bryant and Mays alley. Definitely one for the Peculiar Crimes Unit.

The Peculiar Crimes Unit was created towards the end of WW2, to keep the public safe and investigate anything that is a bit off. Bryant and May were the original detectives for the unit and both use unorthodox methods of unraveling a crime. No computers for them, just the good old fashioned ways of detecting and they get the job done efficiently. Over the years (you have to read all the books) one department or another is trying to get the unit shut down but it doesn't happen. Underpaid, underfunded, with a falling down building and a cat as a mascot, the unit goes on. 

Such a wonderful cozy mystery with lots of laughs and raised eyebrows on the logical or maybe it's illogical thinking processes of these two brilliant detectives. Each book in the series reveals a little more each time about the personal background of Bryant and May. Tim Goodman makes the series even more spectacular.

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