Nancy Drew, The Hidden Staircase, Carolyn Keene, Narrated by Laura Linney

The Hidden Staircase
Nancy Drew Book 2.
Carolyn Keene
Narrator: Laura Linney
Listening Library
Audio book   3 hrs 13 mins

A standing applause for our narrator Laura Linney for performing another Nancy Drew mystery with her wonderful way of making it such an exciting listen. Beyond the fabulous way she brings out every nuance of emotion she has a lovely feminine voice that is such a pleasure to listen too. It is also fun to read along with her while she narrates.
Narrator Review: Laura Linney

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Narrator Laura Linney

Audio Book Review: Carolyn Keene's Nancy Drew, book 2 The Hidden Staircase

Nothing like a good haunted house mystery and Nancy Drew does not disappoint with The Hidden Staircase. Her friend Helen calls and ask her to help her Aunt Rosemary. Who lives with her mother flora, at Twin Elms, their family home. According to Helen strange things have been happening at Twin Elms. They are sure the house is haunted.

When a burly impolite man, Nathan Gomber, comes to the Drew's door and tells Nancy that he is warning her that Carson Drew, Nancy's father was in great danger. Apparently a case Mr. Drew was working on with the railroad has some unhappy people that feel cheated on the amount of money they got when they sold their property to the railroad and are threatening bodily harm to Mr. Drew. What's Nancy to do? Stay by her father's side or go to Twin Elms and solve the mystery there.

Nancy goes to Twin Elms and looks over the house and can't discover a way in. She is sure it is a person getting in an not a ghost. She and Helen have examined every inch of the huge brick mansion and did not find a single way anyone could get in or out without being seen. She decides that there has to be a secret passage somewhere in the old house and she sets out with Helen to find it.

Things escalate rapidly when Mr. Drew does not show up at Twin Elms as he promised Nancy he would do when he returned from Chicago. Nancy is scared that he's been kidnapped, that all Nathan Gomer had said was true. What is she to do, she knows she must find her father and now she's really scared. Nancy may be scared but she is resourceful.

After Nancy solves the case she is looking forward to a new adventure and mystery to solve. I confess I have to chuckle at the dialogue Nancy has with people and the ease with which they confess all to the "young sleuth".

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