Dirty Little Murder By Traci Tyne Hilton Narrated by: Rebecca Roberts

Dirty Little Murder
A Plain Jane Mysteries, Book 2
Cozy Christian Collection
By Traci Tyne Hilton
Narrated by: Rebecca Roberts
Audiobook 6 hrs and 39 mins
Publisher: Proverbs 31 House LLC
Young Adult
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Rebecca Roberts Narrator

Narrator Review: Rebecca Roberts

You can just tell that Rebecca Roberts puts her whole heart into her reading. This does make a book a lot more interesting and makes me want to continue listening to the end. She has a lot of style and is extremely good at emotional expression. It goes without saying that her voice is lovely and easy on the ears. Overall, Rebecca Roberts is a stellar narrator and you will be pleased with all her amazing narrations.

Audiobook Review: Dirty Little Murder By Traci Tyne Hilton

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Traci Tyne Hilton

Jane is caught up in yet another murder, this time it is Douglas Swanson, face down in the hot tub. What a terrible shock for Jane. Douglas was a womanizer and she didn't like him but she certainly didn't wish him dead. While trying to dial 911 her cell slips from her fingers and lands in the hot tub on his body. 

After Jane Adler found her last client's dead, she needs another house cleaning job. she has to have housekeeping jobs in order to keep up with her living and school expenses. Isaac's mother recommends the Swanson's, their maid is on vacation, and Jane can fill in. What Jane doesn't expect is the amount of trouble they will cause her. 

Caramel Swanson thought her diamond ring went down a drain. Instead of calling a plumber she has Jane take a sink apart to look for it. When Jane doesn't find it she accuses her of stealing it. Certainly not a agreeable position for Jane. Caramel demands Jane return the next morning and look in all the other drains.

Jane asks her new trainee Holly, to go with her to the Swanson house the next morning. She doesn't want to deal with Caramel without some moral support. Unexpectedly Douglas Swanson happens to be home and shows himself to be a letch and makes passes at Jane and Holly.

I still am not sure how the missing ring situation was resolved but Caramel has a ring on her finger and implies it is the one lost and now found. Except, she tells Douglas that she bought a new one. There is a plumber there to look in the drains for whatever Caramel thinks fell down the drain.

In Good Clean Murder, Jane and Isaac seemed to be breaking up or at least cooling their relationship. Somehow, I didn't get it that they are a couple again and even talking marriage. Isaac, is bad news with the way he tries to lead Jane astray, not only with her aims to be a missionary but he compromises her as well. I've not forgotten that he let her take the fall for them getting caught kissing and she was the one expelled from school in book 1..

The basic story is good and moves at a steady pace. There's sufficient action to keep one interested. There are a couple other threads going through it, a hit and run, Jane's church meetings, for example. I just felt like some things were not resolved. Jane is still the same silly floormat, frets over foolish things and doesn't seem to really be in love with Isaac at all.

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