The Bungalow Mystery, Book 3. A Nancy Drew Mystery by Carolyn Keene, Narrator Laura Linney

The Bungalow Mystery
Nancy Drew, Book 3
By Carolyn Keene
Narrated By Laura Linney
Listening Library
Audio Book: 2 hrs and 59 mins

Narrator Review: Laura Linney

There is something appealing about Laura Linney's performance of Nancy Drew and her companions. Every person is well presented and her youthful voice suits Nancy perfectly. It is fantastic to listen to a perfectly flawless narration. I can listen over and over to any of the Carolyn Keene, Nancy Drew stories that Laura Linney narrates.

Laura Linney Narrator

Audio Book Review: The Bungalow Mystery by Carolyn Keene

In The Bungalow Mystery  Nancy Drew and her friend Helen Corning, are racing along in a motor boat to return to the Pinecrest motel they are staying at. A fierce storm develops and suddenly the weather is no longer balmy. Strong winds turn gail force and lighting and thunder surround them. Nancy bravely fights to keep the boat headed towards shore when a huge wave overwhelms them and both girls are thrown out of the boat into the water and the boat sinks.

Nancy looks for her friend and calls out her name but she doesn't see her. When suddenly a hand appears out of the water and Nancy swims towards it to rescue Helen. Their cries for help are feeble against the howling winds and turbulent waters. Yet, someone does hear them, a sixteen year old girl manages to row out to them and with tremendous effort they get into the small boat. Once safely ashore the girl takes them to a nearby bungalow that she'd seen earlier before the storm hit.

Once in the bungalow and wrapped in warm blankets their young rescuer Laura tells them she is waiting for her guardians to come get her. That her mother had died a month before and her father had died a few years ago when his boat capsized and there was no one to rescue him. This compelled her to try and help the young detective and her friend.

Laura is worried about her guardians as Marion and Jacob Aborn, seemed unfriendly and Marion was downright mean to her. Once the storm passes they all are able to find their way back to their lodgings and vow to keep in touch with Laura. After all she did save their lives and they feel a genuine gratitude to her.

It is not long before Laura arrives at Nancy's house to seek safety and shelter from the Aborn's who are trying to get her mothers jewelry collection away from her and even locked her in her room. Of course Nancy tells her she must stay with her and she will do all she can to protect her. Nancy is happy to have a new mystery to solve and soon she is in deep and her own life is threatened. Clever Nancy 'girl detective' prevails no matter how scary or threatening a situation is.

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