Good, Clean, Murder, Traci Tyne Hilton, Narrator Rebecca Roberts

A Plain Jane Mystery, Book 1
by Traci Tyne Hilton

Narrator Rebecca Roberts

Audiobook 6 hrs. 31 mins.

Publisher: Proverbs 31 House LLC

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Narrator Rebecca Roberts

Rebecca Roberts, the woman with a million voices. Charming, innocent, tempting, or self righteous, even boyish for Jake, or cunning like fox. Rebecca Roberts does them all. Lovely voice, excellent management of emotional content. Expresses characters accurately and has a nice tonal quality. Pacing is outstanding as is her reading of the text. I enjoyed this book more because of her accomplished reading. Definitely a case of the narrator making an all right book much better than it is.

Audio Book Review: Good, Clean MurderBy Traci Tyne Hilton

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Author Traci Tyne Hilton

Jane Adler has ambitions to do overseas missionary work and against her parents better judgment she opts to go to a small but reputable church school that nets her a two year certificate. She believes this will open the way to a long term position. Her parents will support her in a college that is mainstream but not in a small Bible college. Jane doesn't think she needs a lot of extra curricular courses that are not related to missionary work.

In order to pay her own tuition and living expenses she lives off campus in a one bedroom apartment with another girl, and cleans houses during the day and attends night classes. When Jane arrives at her first job of the day at the Crawford's she notices right away that things are not right. No coffee made, newspaper still outside, no note with special instructions and no money. It's laundry day and when she goes to strip the bed, Bob Crawford is still in it. 

When the first shock passes and he's not moving, she tries to find a pulse and there isn't one. She calls 911 then tries to call Phoebe the Crawfords daughter. Phoebe brushes her off and tells her to call when she knows what hospital he's taken too. She tries to call Pamela, Bob's wife but it goes to voicemail.

It's been a hectic day and not going well at all for Jane. The EMS team finds Pamela Crawford dead on the bathroom floor. Her employers both dead. How much can a girl take.

After the police finish taking her report and tell her she can go home, Jane goes to her pathetic little one room apartment that she shares with another girl. Just a futon to sleep on and a privacy screen between them. Sad, sad, sad. 

Unfortunately for Jane, Sam, has not been paying the rent and Jane only finds out when she goes home and finds her personal things are outside the door, with a note saying they are evicted. The key not working was a good tip off. It's late, it's chilly out and it's very dark and Jane has no place to go. Her backup credit card is in the apartment so she can't even rent a room.

Classified as a Christian mystery. It is that and I consider it Cozy Mystery. If you prefer no strong words, no sex and no violence you will enjoy this book. 

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